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Even if you don't have any intention on anything right now go up there and look around cuz come on two oh five six two five three seven nine seven to the phones we go to five nine four one one zero one one john is i her you john hello andrew how are you today good i don't tell have like three different heating and cooling companies advertise y'all y'all that's not the problem it's we actually it's such a long story it would almost seem ridiculous if we took the tom you don't want to hear it yeah that's nothing to do with any i had to suffer through andrew pig patrol patrol picker and nobody's granted just take a nobrainer thanks john this is in no way a reflection of the heating and cooling companies either have or still are advertising adam hey real quick i'd like up saying i like to think donald trump for saying at the top of the hour something i've said many times on this show that millions of illegals vote couldn't even get people to show up to her rallies and i've i've got a professional job but i'm still several thousand dollars away from the national median annual income you don't want to know why right right because a billionaire rappers average high exactly nfl players and nba players so when you've got seventy five to ninety percents or african american i would call that white privilege it's a black privilege that's a whole nother animal but i like to take advice of jc and have a conversation about it and so here we go if you know anybody out there whether you're in the public education system or corporate america or anywhere else hollywood and you're preaching whitefield or white privilege here's the conversation to have with you my grits peres thanks buddy drop them i can't say you can't say drop the mic drop in the mind to learn these things better than that if you're going to say it say mic drop even my drop even that's not so dumb we never did the whole thing about what we needed to wear red callers and you went on and on and on about something else dropped off all right call is two zero five nine four one one zero one one.

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