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Most of these guys are are you know some of them are ordinary by you know by nfl standards but they can go out and do extraordinarily things because they can believe they do you know case keenum you get him sort of wanna say off the scrap heap but he was a backup nfl quarterback whereas defined digs fifth round choice the fourteenth receiver picked right year he came out and i look at that and they created one of the great plays in nfl history last year to beat the new orleans saints i'll never forget being in the locker room after that game and what was so interesting about that whole play in my opinion is that everybody in that locker room expected it to happen and you you really as an offensive staff in my opinion you created the expectations that really help that to happen why didn't he step out of bounds whether it'd be i mean i it just there are so many things about that play that i look back and say how did that happen and i think it happened because those guys believed in what they were doing no i think you're right in really that whole drive was indicative of how they were trained and how they believed you know we were going down merely to kick a field goal and we're setting ourselves up with the time remaining to do so and we were stressed time and obviously without timeouts but if you if you notice the first play of that drive we gotta chunk which we needed that's the first step and then then we were just working our way into field goal range and running plays that they had practiced all year only had a chance to execute a couple times during the season and it was good protection rot was run properly case made a good throw and then obviously made the catch and then whatever that natural ability that a receiver or player has when i know supposed to out of bounds but there's nobody behind me i had a few seconds of what the heck are you doing.

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