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Decide a leaf pickup plan that ordinance prompted a three hour hearing last week and aims to reverse mayor. David Martin's recent decision to require residents to bag leaves for pickup calls. It a cost saving measure sin city representatives cut his budget proposal last spring. He says scooping up loose leaves cost Stanford six hundred sixty thousand dollars a year because it involves one hundred employees, sixty pieces of equipment and four thousand hours of overtime. The so called no vendors zone around the World Trade Center, and the nine eleven memorial is scheduled to expand WCBS from Puerto rich lamb has more on that at the request of the NYPD and port authority police. The no vending zone is expanding one block north from VCD Barclay street and along trinity and parts of Greenwich and west streets to the south speaker. Cory Johnson Katzenberg Chen worked very closely with them with scaling that perimeter back. So it wasn't going to affect the Coty park and other places, but even in scaling the geography back there were still eleven vendors ended up being inside of the expanded zone. Authorities believe the increasing numbers of operating buildings and workers along with more security checkpoints and crowding may displacing the vendors necessary. They said the speaker will simply have to sell their wares. Elsewhere at city hall, rich, lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty. While subway riders might feel like everyday amounts to a slow ride to the job. WCBS reporter Peter Haskell says the MTA content it's turning the corner on repairs. There have been fewer major incidents in response times are improving these are among the data points. Andy Byford is looking at the show services improving riders might be skeptical. But I absolutely understand.

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