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Five eighty five. Slugging percentage was the three hole hitter that provided a threat and that already scary lineup in was basically the reason they were able to get over the hump that year. Some other guys are honorable mention. I mean the red sox getting david roberts in two thousand and four of course he went on to swipe that bag in the postseason. The blue jays acquired david price in twenty fourteen. He helped them to a post-season run. The phillies getting cliff. Lee from the indians in two thousand and nine to get back to the world series the cubs acquiring rick sutcliffe from the indians in eighty. Four the diamondbacks get curt schilling from the phillies. In two thousand. You have the angels getting mark to share from the braves and the cardinals getting mark maguire from the athletics. All of those guys had fantastic. Runs down the stretch. But those other ten. I think we're the best of the bunch and the best trade deadline accusations of all time. So which one did you think was the best out of those ten. Where would you rank those guys again. Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear from. Yeah but that does it for today's episode of the mcc baseball podcast brought to you by the podcast network. It was a great show for you guys. We talked about the roberto clemente award. All the nominees. All the great stuff. They're doing across major league baseball. Of course the trade deadline acquisition seyran segment number four as well as the best seasons. Who didn't win. Mvp vlad guerrero gonna be at the top of that list man. It sure looks like it. But before i let you guys go please rate and review the podcast wherever you're listening as well as check us out on social media facebook twitter at gmc baseball. We certainly appreciate it but that does it for today. Another episode in the books here at the smc baseball podcast as always. I'm your host. kevin..

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