Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Gumel Abdel Nasser discussed on Intersections - The 1967 War, the rise of Saudi Arabia, and modern energy politics


Up until nineteen sixty seven saudi arabia was the leader of the most conservative faction in the arab world the monarchy's and the monarchy's were falling light ten bins left and right egypt iraq yemen hall succumbed to revolutionary forces led by gumel abdel nasser's egypt and a revolutionary wave of arab nationalism also overlaid with the cold war america supported the saudis in the monarchs the russians supported the revolutionaries announcer when the officer was defeated not just defeated but humiliated in nineteen 67 all that changed saudi arabia went from being on the backfoot being on the defensive being the one whose days were being counted to being now the leader of a new world and islamic world that would move against israel not on the basis of arab nationalism or on the basis of islam and in king faisal abdulaziz alsaud saudi arabia had the perfect leader a pious deeply religious man very thoughtful very measured he decided after the nineteen 67 humiliation he would now lead the muslim world and saudi arabia will lead the muslim world against israel and the occupation of the occupied territories most importantly is true islam and that point turned out to be a decisive changing point in saudi arabia and policy saudi arabia went from being an obscure backwater to only a few years later the leader of the arab oil embargo that infected more damage on america's economy than any other country has ever done before or since i hadn't realized there is such a decisive blow up we'll talk about that a little later on the samantha can you talk a little bit more about some of the cold war context how involved were the us in the soviet union in these relationships with it monetary were they involved more directly the russians were heavily involved in egypt who provided egypt with most of its military equipment with scores in hundreds of advisors and experts on the ground.

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