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Morgan state university choir from his native Baltimore locks make a manual more than ten thousand acres burning out of control north of San Francisco pushed by very strong winds fueled by dry grass in vegetation in right now the entire town of guys are bill is being evacuated some eight hundred or so people fox is cloudy count and Subaru recalling over four hundred thousand vehicles because of problems with engine computers and debris that can fall into motors among those affected some impresses from twenty seventeen to twenty nineteen America is listening to five new this is your official weather station Hey there Oklahoma City it's going to be a cloudy wet and windy one today wind chills in the thirty this afternoon with temperatures falling to the low to mid forties we will have the waves of showers and occasional thunderstorms continuing to tonight and through tomorrow as well tonight a live thirty nine tomorrow only climb into the mid forties the strong north wind the rain tapers early Saturday the four warn storm team and one thousand Katie okay team weather coverage you can depend on Stevie and appliances helping fight breast cancer so for each KitchenAid major appliance sold during the month of October we'll donate twenty five dollars to support breast cancer research plus you can receive up to one thousand dollars in rebates with the purchase of selected KitchenAid appliances update your kitchen before the holidays and enjoy a great cooking experience helped Harry support breast cancer research if you want to help another way you can sample delicious goodies baked in Harry's own KitchenAid Evans and take some home for the family with all proceeds going to breast cancer program don't forget Harry will donate twenty five dollars to support breast cancer research for every kitchen a major home appliance sold during October plus you can receive up to one thousand dollars in rebates when you purchase a selected KitchenAid appliances together we can make a difference every stevia plants just north of Hafner on fan writer sales used commercial trucks a lot of commercial trucks trucks that can be yours for zero down and zero payments for one Hundred Days sweeper trucks truck street trucks with perjury in front and just about every other twenty twelve advance but most important we have the right commercial truck for your business and while driving down five Ryder truck for zero down additional terms used trucks dot com today our doctors there for us providing the care we need when we need it most during some of our toughest days in our.

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