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Following it down with black and watching for the thumb. That's and Allegan. He's got it dialed in, doesn't he? It's called clearly Crappy Guide service, and he's on Facebook or working on a website for there is also a bass guide. And he was telling me that the bass fisherman last week of the top team, I got £32. That's for five fish and, like the top 20 teams all weighed over £20. So that's like four fish for pound average. But right now it's crappy on Facebook. Clearly crappy guide service. Here's his number 702. 4978937024978938 Let's switch gears go down and talk to Keith Frazier, Lock Woman, Marina and Sandra fell about what's going on in San Pablo Bay and sturgeon. Keith when it rains like it did done and San Pablo Bay. You don't have to wait for the Sacramento River Water. You've got pet the Petaluma River, so Noma Creek and the Napa River feeding San Pablo Bay. Um, has anything come of it yet, Or are we still waiting for it to take effect? Today's the first day we've had people out. You don't know It hasn't exactly been the Ah, beautiful weather here, But right now it's very nice, and I think we're gonna have a hell of a nice weekend. And I think there's going to be quite a quite a few bass in sturgeon costs this weekend, although the tides there certainly not spectacular. You're good time tomorrow starts right about time that it's stark. Oh, God. Okay, I got you. I got you. Well, uh, it's gonna be better than what we've had, because way can add a little muddy water of that, right? After exactly right conditions are much much better now than they were a week ago. I heard some see the hearing coming. The surgeon coming back from feeding on the herring spawns, and that's gonna make things a lot better in this in this ballpark. You know, Some friends of mine have fished twice down by the pump house this week and earlier in the week, and they got to sturgeon in the mind E inch class, So there's some big fish. Down there real big fish. Oh, yeah. You know, it's funny. You say that I had a customer in today and he said his last trip with was about a week ago. They had 27 footers on at the same time. He said. One of them might have been a few inches under seven. Beaten. They brought that alongside the vote of the same time they had one That was about 7.5 FT. That's pretty good. Those are big fish. Does her big fish. Yeah, well, God, we wait the law that doesn't allow people to keep them anymore. Yeah, you bet you bet. But also the fish and should be a little bit better because with the with the fresh water And a little bit of the muddy water kind of gets rid of. Ah, lot of the bait Steelers, right? Very definitely. I think a lot of the bad race has left anyway. But there are sharks to take your bait and quite a few. Uh, small shaker bass. Okay, Well, they're the best aren't going to go anywhere. But the sharks might leave us alone. A little bit, Huh? Short, she will probably take a hike. Yeah, they don't like a lot of fresh water either. When's our first good tides down there during the day. During the day would probably be over the week after next week. Without looking at the book. Okay, so at least a week from now. Yeah, definitely. That's Keith Frazier. Donna walked woman Marina. When that San Pablo Bay gets going, it goes good, because, like I said earlier, you got the Petaluma River, Sanoma Creek and the Napa River all put in water and mud in there, and that gets those sturgeon going. Each number If you want to check it out, get some bait always seems to have bait 41545603. To one after the break. We're going to talk to Kyle Wise Headhunter Guide service. We normally find him on New Maloney's reservoir, and we'll talk about that. But he's back down sturgeon fishing. I think they put in At about six this morning, so he's got an hour half under his belt. We'll find out if he's.

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