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Out downtown. There's fire department activity being recorded on New Jersey Avenue and eighth Street and Southeast, and they're now saying that they could have street closure and effect near that whole foods. So if you commit to New Jersey or H Street, just south of 3 95 and just north of the Navy yard, watch for any street closure and possible police direction. The freeway itself. The tunnels, they're all quiet. The one thing to note is in northwest in Rock Creek Park. We have wise road's still closed between beach driving Working Avenue earlier this morning, a tree came down. If you have west on H Street just after 11 Street, the right lane will be blocked as the roadway has a little bit of a sink to it from utility work. So watch for that. There are cones in the road. We're looking now inside of the Beltway. Yet in Maryland with our sore spot all morning Suitland Parkway is remaining closed Seems to slip more folks may be heating the warning, but Nonetheless, here's what's happening. Suitland Parkway and Silver Hill Road. We're both closed at that interchange from an accident that took out a powerful Soon Parkway Diverse and Silver Hill Road under police directions. Silver Hill Road remains close between Parkway Terrace and Silver Help, Silver Park Drive following police direction and you have Suitland Road as well as root for Pennsylvania Avenue to get around and route five Branch Avenue, all working well. So far as your work arounds. I have nothing around the capital Beltway. That's slowing you both in Maryland and in Virginia but be advised on the Maryland side State Highway says they may be sweeping at some point this morning, anywhere from the Clara Barton Park way along the right side of the road all the way through New New Hampshire Avenue Watch for that. We're looking in Virginia with the new crash. They find it on Braddock Road West off of the Beltway, near Queensberry Avenue Watch for police direction here. Use the nex presents trusted allies of doctors throughout history. Doctors have used tools they trust to help them treat your illness is But what did they use when they have a coffin? Cold music mix the number one brand doctors trust, married upon the wtlv traffic and in the forecast, we've got both sun and snow. We check in live now with Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Lots of sun is we go through the afternoon. I know we have a few clowns out there right now. Temperatures will continue to rise into.

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