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I do have to admit what's the next match of the we have there. The next match-up match matchup as Manchester United versus PS. Gee. All right. That's about as worst drum inches United. And it's like, please. Please something bad police went bad. And then you get the best team. Yeah. I wouldn't go that far though. Well, you know, what I mean just PS G as is known for failing hard in these tournaments. I'll tell you right now. They can't I would say that if they lost skin further could for the new coach like they they prematurely fired NBA new. They're going to lose this game. They can't lose this match up a team like Manchester United. He's been subpar all your and they're in disarray. Like, this will not lead to good things. PS geo win this matchup. I don't know. I think it would be kind of ugly to be honest with you. I wouldn't be surprised if something weird happened here. Remember, the one thing though, is that these matchups are two months away. So what can happen that players get hurt? Maybe the new manager for for United. We'll come in and run it like maybe everybody will start playing and running running running not you're not. I mean, I know maybe like he's a spark that they need me. Of course, he doesn't have the track record as Josie marina. But maybe the players will fill some freedom feel like they can actually express themselves and play to their fullest potential. We'll see. All right. Yeah. Obviously PS cheese. Heavy favorite here. Tottenham versus Dorfman. Tottenham a team. He team. I'm getting there that got extremely lucky to qualify. They tied in must win game. And they got in because Inter Milan somehow, someway, did not be PSV Einhoven. I don't know how that happened. But Thomas thinking they're like stars. And then they get to Dortmund that is a very good draw for Tottenham dorms a solid team. Don't get me wrong. They've been on fire in the Bundesliga. But I would say of all the tangent. They could've played they could've played other big games. Other big teams. They got a decent draw. Although I do expect this matchup refund. Dorfman is one of the toughest places to play. If not the toughest place to play in the whole world because of how big this stadium thorough flares at people. They the intensity at that stadium is beyond belief, and I'm not even kidding like like there's nowhere. No one gets hurt. People get hurt. There's nowhere. There's nowhere in the United States that can match what Dorman does on a date on a week to week basis. That's an interesting matchup. I think Dortmund might get him. I I really do. Really? I really do taught him is upset city. I don't know if I'd call up say, it's probably pretty even but taught him is more experienced hearing Cain, for example. But man Dortmund's been having good year. So we'll see. All right. Who's next? All right next. We have Lillian versus bus Alona. Owned barcelona. Okay. So Barcelona again, they gotta get dry here. This looks like a slam dunk matchup for me Barscelona Leone, you have to say that Burson especially with how they've been playing mess. He's been on Firelight reform again silted months away. So hard to see what the players will be then in terms of what their former look like, but you have to like Barscelona. And if you're on the you must like this draw you have to think. Okay. This is perfect. I to advance. Yes. Absolutely. Like, there's probably would you say that's the weakest team in that's left. We own. Leone is arguably the weakest team shocker Leona, probably the arguably the weakest teams in this round. So they got they got the work cut off. Definitely who got next next. We have Rome of Porto. So I like this match it because I feel like both teams think that they've got a good draw. Like, I feel like this is the one match where both teams are why we can win. Yeah. It's pre-. It's pretty much an even matchup. I mean Roma I think has a little bit more star power Porto. I think they've won fourteen games in a row in the Portuguese league. And they've they really had a great group stage in the in the Champions League. So. I think they're liking their chances Gasa porta beautiful city..

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