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You're on dead two buddies like you know like he's like a vice city character for but i liked everything i know. It's based off a book. I never. I didn't get a chance to check the book out. Apparently it's like one hundred fifty pages very tight book as well as i'm interested to see. Yeah i'm i'm really interested to see like what that's about like what the differences are. I think there are a lot of differences but they say drew at the same time But i i enjoyed this lot. I'd like syntax music a lot. I like that kind of like the best way to describe. Like seth wayne was just like getting in a car and just driving forever into the sunset. That's what since way feels like and that's kind of a lot of this movie as you drive like you're just moving on and leaving something behind and i think that's a lot of the themes wave is like i can name like five cents way songs that are just like midnight running forever love together like something like that it has that assortment of words and i think that that's something about this movie is. They're kind of like running. You know we're gonna get outta this town. We're going to go to something better that kind of drive about this You know the bruce springsteen as well at the same time like let's get the fuck out of this town like we're not gonna stay here any more like it's like this lace. Yeah right yeah you know. And not i mean i guess a shittier version is like living on a prayer by bon jovi joni easily work on the tax. But all in all i really enjoyed it because it felt like baby driver at fellay. Gd it felt like synth wave. I really really enjoy all of those things. I like ryan gosling lot. He was young. Hercules me before anything That's the show that i watched him in And i like the fact that is not a this is a movie that has like two body fat..

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