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Equipment find them on McKinley and we present this question the flames will trade for a defenseman before the start of the season now this topic comes your way on the heels of defenseman you so on a mac the suffering a torn ACL in training over the weekend he'll require surgery be gone for a while so with well the flames trade for defenseman before or sorry the flames will trade for defenseman before the start of the season buy sell trade by hundred percent by they'd they currently on the roster only have six defensemen including all over what is it killing ten so there's they're selling since Killington showing which I think he only played eighteen games last year in the National Hockey League go probably be looking they see him probably as their seven they're going to need another defenseman another guy who is not highly paid but a guy that can fill in a role and and and fill that position for the next couple months already I will sell this because unless you're are requiring a top notch defenseman and there's a you know we started did through by trade and you know we're all these the scene and restores name being out there I don't think that's what the Calgary flames are looking at I think they've got their starts guiding and their Giordano they got their you know and offender got their Brody to got to have an excel I think they just got to look for a replacement for a little bit I think read three living there GMC's answer the question you bought it no I use all your jar died you just said of the night at eight I said they're not going to say they're not going to trade but you say you need to go find a replacement where you can find in the my in the minors they need to just elevate somebody from the minors for a temporary to start the season and then you re evaluate where you are in November how many of the fencing and you usually have in our NHL roster seven eight seven eight you have a hearty buddy yeah it on most teams ready I'm out way I've I would most of my teams add two X. afford one X. R. D. and a lot of teams do the one extra four to our city just because it looks better in practice because you have eighty four pairs of that aspen but we like optics yeah it's just for practice but afford on D. for practice what don't I'll hammer that why that's his biggest pet peeve he believes afford Andi huge just rotate a guy in an out there I mean do I guess and this yes you do okay because there's a spot in the graphic just for you and I other isn't I'm gonna trade the trade idea you're in a trade yeah because they're essentially going to replace some via free agency not a trade but they're going to go out and get somebody to fill in so there are three agent yeah who is available Dion Phaneuf no please don't not in Calgary thanks for the league minimum about Jay garner welcome back the on make a big splash go deaf seven and a half million on their job they have no cap space they have to they have a truck yeah yeah you're right they do have to slink it shot and Mendip honey this guy been open and then the woods in the north for a month or what no way but I know he's been throwing these in these RFA guys that are not sign now will not be signed before the start of the season or it's gonna be like middle of training camp claims will trade for defenseman they only have six on the roster they need at least one or two more guys and you just can't pull the guys from the minors because that's going to deplete their system in the minors they'll go out and find.

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