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Maria Quina, Lois, Walgreens discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Between six AM nine AM and three to six PM on Maria quina hello Michael flowing outlet dot com traffic center for mid August a pleasant afternoon with sun mixing with some clouds warming up to eighty six but without the humidity it's not so pleasant for those suffering from allergies in terms of weed pollen and the mold spore counter both high moderate counts of grass pollens out there too down the upper sixties tonight with the shower thunderstorm likely late and then we could see a couple rounds of showers and thunderstorms often on tomorrow highs in the mid eighties then it heats up into the low nineties heading into the weekend and beyond I'm accu weather meteorologist teen divorcee Lois's newsradio KMOX and it's sunny and seventy nine downtown at the arch the Dow from steeple up seventy deals you look amazing what's the secret are you sick number three sixty smart he chooses the comfort on his side to spine we feel great can help keep you sleep yes the senses are movements and a chance to keep us both comfortable all night I think it is good anymore it's the biggest sale of the year save fifty percent on the street number three sixty limited edition smart plus special financing only for a limited time to find your local sleep number store go to sleep number dot com special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments required see store for details funny as what's the family to boost mobile and we got so much more like what but we got for free LG stylo five phones four lines for a hundred dollars a month I smashed up the car and unlimited kicks wait did you say you smashed up the car yes it's completely smashed but for free phones switch to boost to get four lines for one hundred dollars a month for free phones with unlimited get exponents super reliable super fast nation my network boost mobile the switch that gives you more terms and conditions apply you customers only visit with mobile dot com for details this week find great deals at Walgreens now twelve coca Cola and Pepsi products and three for nine ninety nine with card limit three while supplies last and through August seventeenth when you redeem balance rewards points and start you receive a coupon for ten times everyday points get great deals on the everyday essentials you need right here at your neighborhood Walgreens Walgreens trusted since nineteen oh one restrictions and exclusions apply see store for details hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans America's largest mortgage lender I've got great news mortgage interest rates have dropped so if you're thinking about buying a home.

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Maria Quina, Lois, Walgreens discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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