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Yes I suppose probably my most famous shows are more or less completely threw written and through composed. Because I like writing that way because does it means that as a composer. I'm I'm in control of the dramatic arc of the evening and it's the music is driving along with the story but look I just did. School of Rock in School of rock is something that absolutely has to have a script because it the tempo of the whole thing has to be driven with dialogue as well as music so there is no rule. That's but that's what we talked to that. But I didn't get from him what I really wanted to get out in. which is how his personality as a musician completely changed when he was running with Hammerstein compared to these early years when he was riding with Lawrence Heart? And I mean you could see a little bit of the Rogers that you find in Hammerstein occasionally additionally in the world that he did with hard but it's like two different people. That's what I wanted to ask him and he kept on. Have you found that that when you work when work with Tim. Rice that there's a different interlude Weber. That comes out then I did. I didn't really think so. I mean shatteringly. Of course the last piece I wrote with Tim Rice in nineteen seventy six. So I haven't written with him since apart from very occasional little things where we perhaps have added something to Jersey for. We wrote a song for the movie of Evita but we haven't written a full length piece or anything substantial together enough breath full. Well Gosh not seventy six fourteen years. Isn't it on yet. One still talks about it well. Naturally that's because Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Mhm Rice's musicals have had staying power and revival power last summer in London. You could have gone to a new production of Joseph SUV and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. Jesus Christ superstar and Evita if you could have managed to get a ticket and then there was the the two thousand eighteen NBC television live concert version of Jesus Christ superstar starring John Legend as Jesus and Sarah Barilla's as Mary Magdalene. How's that for relevancy? It even won an emmy making Andrew Lloyd Webber One of only only fifteen people to win an emmy a grammy and Oscar and a Tony..

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