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I'm entertained watching them. Play and its remarkable success that he's had and so i'm gonna take off the board. I'm gonna take patrick. Moreau love it. Love it and i'm glad you took him because i was gonna ask you bottom as part of our headlines segment. We got talked about some other things. And i didn't get back to it so he's just a terrific story. Is you know he just play the game in his own way. But he's very dependable to right. And and he provides an added value. You know the the verbal jousting that he engages in a big bodies hard to move. There's a lot alike about patrick maroon when you sweep away some of the obvious stuff now. He's not fleet of foot. Any of that so i think that's an excellent choice for the on performance player of the week. I i'm i think i'm going off the board a little bit too. I'm thinking about this. Prior to recording. I came up with two guys. I guy who's ryan mcdonagh. I like and not because jon. Cooper was not campaigning but acknowledging that ryan deserved at least consideration for the conn. Smythe because of how well he played wire-to-wire in this postseason. He knew he wasn't going to win. You know everybody expected it would be between kucherov and underboss laps. Obviously vassilev ski wins. The cons might however. I'm not going with ryan mcdonagh. I am going and you mentioned him. Earlier with ross. Cool tune i'm in luck. Twenty four year old young man fourth round draft pick the downplay like again acknowledgement l. Murray time comes to the nc double a. spent two years in syracuse in the american hockey league and then just fights his way into the tampa bay lineup and will not give up a spot. You know a..

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