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Safety training. Nancy Hardy, NewsRadio 105.9 FM, four Oi, It's time for traffic and weather together on the gate sponsored by Warren Truss community banks, and he was clearly Once we got hit in the downtown area with the bitter rain, it's seems like all of our crashes kind of happen in that amount of time. So where you are on the mend after a previous crash, but it was kind of Ah, Big one here on the inbound Dan Ryan Yetta semi crash blocked all lanes at 31st. They've told that one out of the way. But this often happens with a big delay in a big crash. You had another one sort of form within that. Slow down. So now in the locals, you gotta crash at 47th. So is 35 minutes to get downtown about his 33 Eaton's is about 22 both ways. Kennedy out Not too terrible for you. 13 in Montrose 10 of the Express is 33 to O'Hare about his 37 from O'Hare and 22. Coming in off the junction up on side of the I 37 a man on this 52 3 90 do have ah, checked of semi on the in bound side blocking the exit to North Bound man High 41 from the 3 90 25 Man I'm coming in Stevenson out. 38 out of the tri state 55 to 3 55 about his 44 from veterans about 30 from 2 94 crashing the roadwork stone 55 south at our cell. You are solid from 80 50 seven's good not to bet on the Ford Lakeshore Drive kind of both ways at Chicago, most dear to always treat you pretty good for now filling in 80 90 for East Client, Broadway, West 65 to grant Ex traffic aboard for 18 News Ready of 7 81 5 point not offend Mostly cloudy for the rest of today. Significantly cooler than the last week. Look for a high only near 60 62 degrees tonight..

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