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The catch at around the fiveyardline but a ted over the 20yard live at out across to the thirty yard line for byron rangel who was outstanding on a 24 yard kick return it was outstanding with dj read whether great kick returner was down for the previous two weeks special teams could be a huge function here today yeah i think special teams really ends up becoming a swing factor not only in feel position but said scoring opportunities you mentioned how good of a returner pringle is they tell you what that was a heck of a tackle on special teams at darius again the started safety for ucla just laid the would rangel totally first out of 10 from a thirty yard lied four kansas state alex barnes is the deep back winston devil is the full back to the right of schuyler thompson the redshirt freshmen quarterback play clock down to five as he's waiting a shotgun stamp retakes it four man rushed back to pass on first out of the first wave scrimmage taking a deep shot waiting for to appoint byron pringle down at the opposing 35yard live dr day holds the starting quarterback book freshman the true freshmen in coverage while and brincola had about four steps on of the ball was late coming out schuyler tacit had is bad streaking down the sideline a p lace it out it's it's a touchdown on the first play for case state tubs since number sixty three for said passing six hundred sixty two yards five touchdowns a couple of picks he's also a rudder two hundred sixty three yards and three touchdowns on the ground second down and same formation barnes of the back beal we'll get the call fouts leapt up the middle as a hold of the 35yardline gang tackled got an extra guard out to the thirty six yard line keyshawn loussier south but tackle after a gain of six it'll be third and four well it against the you see what kansas state is doing right off the bat right they run away acts at the very first play they come back they run the same action they had the ball off the bard's he gets a nice game six sixday create a short unmanageable third down further down and four bumper thirty six yard line for kids escape other first series of the gay they of alex barnes offset to the left behind schuyler thompson dhabi keith is.

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