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Know he you know he turns to gold at nineteen aware goat her eric. I'm trying to find out what this a similar to Cameron Park. WASHBURN has family. Let me see here. What did it say his his living was raised selling goes he was successful and most of the community was support infringing towards Washburn in his family but unfortunately the local Ku Klux Klan was not so please -I washburn posted a sign on the bridge age which read this way to the Goldmans this action angered members of the clan and on fateful night August of nineteen thirty eight they drove their cars across a bridge with their headlights off took washburn from his home and family in dragged him to the bridge? The legend goes that they fit it a noose over his head in threw him over the bridge but when they looked to see if he was dead his body had disappeared into the water no Martin into the spirit spirit where they say here the return to his family. According to legend Washburn was never seen or heard from again a was not so. I don't know I don't know this is a made up tale and not but then I took a dark it was pressing turn a no was terrifying. They know of the plan was in next. That's that's some scary. Shit sure be scared of Ghost. Yeah I like the way it's supposed to be about the Goldman most horrible things like they lynched him on the phone. It just passed right over that yeah. Oh Yeah clan lynched a black man but but also the Goldman though can use it. Oh they listened Negro spook. That's fucked up yeah. No nobody gave us Goatman OATMAN. I was looking for actual goat monster here in the Lynch and what I talk to the African American bid for some ended up to the clan the most harmful Hongo story. We've never heard things are ruining on nightmare. You see here John Lomax quick quick joke question Lomax so mix. Can you predict how a porn parody will be made joker. Doesn't you don't want that Komo that that'd be the most fucked up sex you've ever seen this is just be ornamental home some he's they just up as the joker enough for that does a story Linda self to a porn parody a little more. You say no but I've seen I've seen plenty of things I thought what can never be done. Okay porn one thing I can say about porn. They will pull off some of the most unpredictable an amazing things that you never thought could be done. They have no shame no limits so the they could you might not agree with the potato they could do it. They can do it if they can do it with this. I'll buy it all right. You know you put your money on money on it. Okay we'll watch it together. Cj Stephen says best of the decade is going to be hard man. I want to ask if there's any chance you guys are the best best of the decade last are listed recap of films possibly music over the Indus year. you know I see what you're saying. We're about not too close up close and say we are closing at a decade next year. I you know what man I tell you what I am. Not GonNA shoot that I did down on think about it. I don't know do something formal with that but that is a good question because I would go back and think top twenty top what I'm looking for one right now like something I can say all right. This is a doubtedly the best of the decade from from twenty ten to twenty twenty twenty twenty one at the dog. Come out like two thousand eight something like that. I just missed race. I think so now that'll be one as definitely besse decade for me man. I mean and there's some things you like so much equally just in different ways yeah yeah yeah. I don't know man I mean maybe some of you do if you start to see movies in the bulk that we do. It really gets to a point where it's hard art just single out things now. You know what I mean yeah. It's only eat like even if somebody said what's your top ten for the decade. I'm like how to put me in Boston. Yeah I don't know man of I mean just given it a kick things off. I'll say binges benches of something that I mean. I if I'm just looking at it like my. Let's just take out hyphen. I kind of stores. I'm just looking at something just did something and nothing was nothing we did. We never saw being able to be done and it happened. Sure the yeah those those last two vendors movies like who could imagine something built that long yeah that long and then have such an amazing satisfying conclusion yeah. I'll probably have to say if I fucking take a collective of movies. The whole Leb marble has done. I know you're thinking of course you got you. As you all up in Ayrshire Marvel listen I mean let's take all our biases. This is out like I said earlier and think about it. A binges did something that marvel did something in this decade that was cinematic unachieved before I'd have to say that just complement along side of that. Is there anything else other movies. It'd be cool if on what up son you'll recap some of the craziest stories in the news from the decade as well thanks for great show yeah man was we shall see. We see that's a great question though I appreciate that thank you thank you Ian Ramsey. It'd be last one. He says Hey guys with a lot of shows and movies today lacking substance and originality and other story only to justify with complete characters vice versa. Do you think we're going to keep on getting more rehash stuff today with the same predictable tropes. If if we don't acknowledge this bill is though it's an attempt to introduce us to the same scenario with minor tweaks. I think you would be very very pessimistic Hessam mystic in that area. If you look around you right now you were saying maybe it's not on big screen but you were saying a lot a lot of great shows and movies on streaming maybe in a different place and I would even say with the movies now listen you and I disagreed read on. How good joke isn't if you gave it a matinee but I it's it really is something where they took a chance? Is something different yeah so I I think we get lost up in all hype of cinemas not what it used to be. Yeah I mean but sometimes it's like. It's not like it used to be well win. Math I feel like two thousand was last time. It was like repeating stuff back there. It's been going on for a while aw things change and they do get better are good things just shift you know what it is is that original and experimental experiment mental movies used to get more of a showcase that that's what it is yes so so for more that you are GonNa go to streaming or or hit the ending the and I have an opinion on because I read I think being that we have a shift in how we consume entertainment. A lot of people still we're still associating with movies with the big screen. A lot of people don't want to sacrifice at and I get it but I think that as time we'll go on generations come up technology and the home get better in everybody's scared style and the social the social aspect and the joy watching movies with with the Group of other people. That's going to be lost. My experience is not that great great all the time watching the group other people are group people don't like I like going to the theater to watch movies when his barely anybody there yes. That's that's that's that's. That's my alternate experience. Yes I hear you and I I do too like I said I had a great experience going to watch the depth of Dick on Friday hanging out at the Alamo. Was it sold out. I totally expected to be so I was like not even try. It's a it's a Alamo exclusive. No I didn't even I didn't even expect it to be sold. Oh I've been to some small Alamo moves before they don't really sell out unless they re less. The Alamo really hypes it up. Okay data was half full and it was cold people on joining a group of people really got the film and they were laughing and it was a great experience but I think as time goes on Ah I do knows what's going to happen with the theater experience. You Probably GonNa have the theater being like for big event movies that just need to be seen on a big screen and then you're gonNA have to settle for small movies just watching them when I say smaller I'm talking about like your non big budget special effects genre movies don't have to be content with watching those on the screen green and I think a lot of people at home watching watching them at home. I think a lot of people were just having a problem in just in the back especially again the center files just the other day who was talking about how the Irishman how was such a shame that I wasn't shown on the big screen for enough for long enough people to see it and you had to see this way and people in the comments section jumped on a critical saying you know could tell me how to see these these just biasing it at home yeah because we do. You have a screening for coming up. It's in the daytime is three and a half hours folk then. I'm sorry I'm not going to that knows the thing I was like. This is the one time because usually when I'm like Oh thank God. They don't show it in a theater. That's all I wanna see it. This is the one time like I think I'd rather watch it at home. They better data feed me. I'm talking about food and alcohol. Yeah you better be Irishman. Their points you know three and a hat and say I love I love it experienced not for three and a half hours today I call me. I've been called all before manual. You don't really love movies. I guess I don't know how to wash them and I do not a magazine for you. We are you gonna go see dolemite might don't Miss My name. I believe I am Monday. Be is in a day. Is it a date and Martin uh-huh yeah yeah no no like I said with these movies when they're gonNA do doubled screening of theater impact on television television. I always try to catch an theater like especially watching Roma that way that was that was much better than me trying to watch it at home man. I'm telling you the Irish men trailer and the movie. I'm dying to see it. Don't get me wrong. This thing looks Sheeran. under the contract management can only fire driver on very specific Heus did him a Kermit the frog ray remodel right so so you have a show of any moving violations drink on the job ever hit anybody on a job yeah. I don't think so all right then. We don't have nothing to worry about. What should it be? My cousin Russ Limbaugh Cellino. Hey Nice to meet you. It was like the army followed orders. Did the right thing got rewarded the friend of ours you some new trouble the cop okay. I'm Mike so there was nobody in this country who didn't know Jimmy. Hoffa was always charge a guy with a gun with a knife. Thank you runaway Gun Huron which you like to be a part of history yes big business and the government working together trying to pull us apart. Something's gotTa be done though she say. Now's not the time. Let's say that war would be long gone with our friend. It's gotTa sit down. Everybody says I'm not sitting. I can't do it what it is I think. I don't know why it's GonNa happen either way. He's going. I was going to watch a little bit of this. I haven't even seen this trailer but yeah either. I don't think it will be the. Ma Netflix you know they're gonNA feed us anything about that and he did it for Roman Romo's where they well yeah. I guess they were really pushing for their Oscar right. When he pushed an they they pushed food and is three and a half hours like did the by law? They obligate videos. I don't think that's not true the wondering what if have intermission that would be nice. It's a chance to get up and go pee not missing yeah yeah no man well. I'll tell you what you know. What if you have to get it up you can watch it on Netflix? Then I get my food. What's half of it? The.

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