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On the way but we're finding out to help researches of learned to talk dole finn and we're looking at the science of star wars and those planets that you see in those films have researchers discovered the really quivalent stay tuned before that they've fought the last four hundred years of say the convention has been scientific research is published in official journal's these follow a strict code of conduct that recognised internationally and they present trustworthy information that of the scientists and the general public can rely on but in recent years a new breed of publications appeared that lacks these guiding principles and morals and they exist only to make money the problem is that the costs are not just financial these publications of vehicles for fake science than named confusing the like well regarded official journals and that proliferating very rapidly i spoke to manoj lalu from the university of ottawa and he's been studying the phenomenon that is the socalled predatory journals so our perjury journal is basically a journal that doesn't follow the usual wall processes of a regular journal so regular journal when you send in a'scientific peace they will review it than if they deemed that it's something that's worthwhile to set it up for peer review to several scientists usually who are experts in the field those experts will get feedback the paper is improve the study is improved and then if the papers accepted to the journal then it gets published in a predatory journal basically what happens is a paper get sent in an more often than not there is absolutely no review process they just publish it immediately for a fee and that's the motivations it to make money absolutely so the are a big moneymaking ventures there's so many of journals right now that we know that's obviously a profitable ventures well when you said this this the minimum how many we looking at so the current estimate right now is that there's about four hundred thousand articles and predatory journals and wherever they based the journal's in certain countries that a pushing is all they all over the plight so it's interesting made these journals woolsey that they're mailing address is are in the us uk or an canada in some cases.

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