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Julian Assange correspondent ISO Suarez in London with details on Assange's strange seven year, stay at the Ecuador embassy. According to what we hearing from the Ecuadorians, I think to be completely honest. They probably breathing a sigh of relief, not only that they cost the Ecuadorian government around six million dollars for looking often food and cleaning, and but the described him as being discussed he's being aggressive, but will meddling in the internal has other countries, including Ecuador, but Assan just finding new defenders Britain's labor party the labor party says the government should oppose the extradition of Julian Assange to the US on charges of conspiring to break into Pentagon computers to get military information that were put on WikiLeaks the party's leader. Jeremy Corbyn says in a tweet the US is trying to extradite Assange because he exposed. Evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan by the US. Diane Abbott Labour's spokeswoman in London says the government should block the extradition on human rights grounds. Federal prosecutors are accusing media figure and democratic activist attorney Michael Abernathy of defrauding clients, including a paraplegic man who had won a multi-million dollar settlement. Correspondent Meredith would with more skiers also accused of not submitting tax returns falsifying financial information and lying to investigators. This indictment by California grand jury comes two weeks after he was charged by federal prosecutors in New York, they accused him of trying to extort more than twenty million dollars from the sportswear company Nike Evan. Noni tweeted Thursday that he plans to quote, fight ultra and plead not guilty. An arrest has been made after the arson attacks on black churches in Louisiana. Correspondent Josh Campbell. Is their faces three state charges parson absent from that is. Any indication right now of a hate crime that we talked to.

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