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Yes i will. I'll say this lake. I think of this book had to achieve one goal above all others would be does eminem actually look like eminem to which the answer is yeah absolutely absolutely and if you salvador law rocus work on star wars books at least for most of the star wars faces he's he's attempting to emulate p. nails so that won't be a surprise for some people but <hes> yeah. I need to read this so i i. I honestly don't want you to tell me the ending. I want to know what happens. I feel like i need defined this book and read it. This is fucking insane. I thought that i had the topper for this episode. I mean i still do because that's what we're going to talk about next but holy shit this is insane. I cannot believe it's around thing. I can't believe the names on this book. Either yes incredible. Apparently he's a huge comics fan. I guess when he was in rehab and trying to kick drugs and alcohol paul he said you know comic books kind of what filled that void for him he was talking about this on the jonathan ross show whose massive comic books fan himself according to the article i read which was on the internet so don't believe any of it apparently after the interview they both literally just went to jonathan ross's house and sat around and read comex which <hes> sitting around reading comics with eminem sounds sounds like something i would probably at least want to <unk> see see but maybe not be there right right right right of and well okay. We got to wrap this show up soon. So i gotta tell you you guys about probably the greatest crossover book that i've i actually read last night. This is sonic super special number seven. This came out fine this us. I've read about this. Listen nick. I read this last night and it is the most insane book i've ever read in my life it. It is written by ken penders with pencils by jim. Valentino inks by ken penders in letters by jeff powell. Oh my sweet god. Let me just tell you that i without this book was just going to be a crossover between sonic and spawn and you have to ask yourself how the hell do sonic and spawn crossover well guys. I just want to tell oh you that happens. In this book..

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