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Guys like Marco Gonzalez and then Wade LeBlanc I've done a decent job but you know Japan is the only kind. Of good really good talent in the rotation they've played pretty well until the last. Few weeks, and Oakland's amazing story and Seattle, but Seattle I want to root for Oakland but then I feel bad because the Mariners fans have. The longest drought of anybody in the, playoffs, so I'm kind of hoping that Oakland Seattle. Both make the playoffs and the Yankees don't but I think, there's no way that's going to happen A, Yankees, are five games up on the Mariners and. Six up on it's really it's that's it there's only Six teams will five spots in. The American League. Everybody else. Has done Nobody, else has got the Tampa Bay's two games over five. Hundred game over but You know everybody else's. At least eight games out of a playoff spot Minnesota's eight out in the, central Tampa Bay in the angels right and half nine out, of the, wild card so, every finished. And all those teams have started making moves the Orioles traded players the. Royals the White Sox the Rangers The, Blue Jays The, twins the twins have the angels, trademark Maltin obviously. The raise up I'm. Trying to think I think the Tigers have the Tigers traded anybody trying to think of the only team out of it and the American League that hasn't made the trade or much just not. Thinking, of it yeah I don't think they've made a trade Now they have and they're the. Only team that's out of it in the American. League that has not made a, deal now, they don't, have I don't know that they have much to. Trade but they got. A couple of guys in that bullpen it could be interesting Michael Fulmer probably won't get traded on nNcholas cost the annals could would be an interesting guy I don't know if they want to. Trade, him Leona Martine could be some guys Ozzie glazes even So I don't not sure what. They're gonna do Chief, set let's see, we've got a couple of tweets regular Ed? Says what's your view on position players. Pitching thought it'd be amusing what's happening too often they're. Only pitching for the most part with blowout. Games I think it's fun. Once in a while it doesn't really, bother me you know if the blowout smart. Move Chief says yo bowl. What trade move should the as make I. Mean if I were the. As I try to get a pitcher I. Think you, know you never know like I understand that best case scenario They get a one game, wild card? And you, gotta play Luis Severino in the. Anki and you know who knows I mean the. Only six games, back Houston I'll. Be stunned beyond belief, if they catch. Him but I mean you never know But, if gamma Oakland They need, a picture, they they you know. If you, really want I. Mean I don't know You know you want. To try, to go big If I'm if I'm the as. Like your, lineup jet Lowry's had a good year Match happens having a decent year Scott he's. Been on the line is good Chris Davis is like one of, the more underrated players is big big slugger Matt Olsen. Get. Hit some home they got a good lineup there bullpens really good they bolstered it by getting familiar. To go with Blake Trianon has done. A great job is closer there and Trevino's really well out of, the pan Their starting pitching frankly I don't know how they've done it I mean they've got Sean Mnaya, is the one guy, that they've developed and he's pitched well he's been been good but. The. Rest of it's been like a mishmash of like some okay young guys and some veterans who you're helping the. Best, like Trevor k. hill and Brett Anderson But is really the only reliable thing in that. Rotation. I if the as want to really be contenders they got to try to get another pitcher And I know this would be like, if I'm the as I'm thinking big like I'm I'm. Seeing, I know these guys are unlikely traded but, I'm talking to the Mets about Jacob degrom I don't think that's likely to happen But like all of, a sudden you got Jacob degrom. Well maybe now you beat the keys A better shot it's one baseball. Game you never know plus Jacob degrom is going to be, there for the next few years if I'm the as I, don't go crazy on a rental But, year Jacob degrom I think that's unlikely but you know some of. These the Orioles Dylan Bundy could be interesting guy for them I, think it's a, great story. Good for the as man I like it A. Dan Wisconsin next up CBS. Sports radio Dan Hi how you doing good Dan what's up, man I just wanted to chime in with a couple of. Thoughts on the Mike moussaka seal that whole walk you made one on what they gave up to get him. And two with what it does to the defense my initial thought being, a Milwaukee fan was a little bit of confusion which is. Kind of a couple of things you've touched on, I think it was bad a little while, ago but as I'm thinking about this little bit what, they gave, up to get him Phillips and Lopez Philip says no clean pass to the big leagues with. The acquisition of cannon yelich in the off season so even, though he, spent time with the big league team this season I don't see him as as being a consistent slot on the team coming up and Lopez stock has fallen quite. A bit the, last couple of seasons as well even though. Again he spent time on the big league club so I think that is one positive about the deal is that they didn't give up pieces that that will. Be a huge consistent help to them down lie while, I, agree with you while I agree with you Dan that Brett. Phillips was a piece. That. Made sense to? Trade. I, am one hundred Percents agreement if I were them I wouldn't. Have used him in a trade for a rental that, takes, one of my best players and put them in a position. That he's never played That's Problem I don't have a problem with, them trading. Him it's what they traded him for Travis. Shaw He's, never played. Second base ever not even in the minors Yeah absolutely and that's that's one, thing too that again I'm a little confused about this deal but what I will say, on that too is when when walk you hit a skit I think they lost nine of. Eleven a couple of weeks. Ago to close out. The half the defense was just awful it was absolutely awful and so I don't know that this move is is. Going to damage what has been bad in the middle field but. What you do get is an additional bad in the lineup. And I think Milwaukee's philosophy as they wanna outslog about defense Able to do at home in that stadium by Allah games. Is yet to be seen. So Dan I gotta. I gotta go but predate the call more on that more on the trade front what else has come and we'll. Get to the hall of fame inductions and more coming up but. First it's time for the latest sports update here's Jacob Wilkins Sports flash hey Bill. The royals will, take the field against the Yankees today in the Bronx without one of the mainstays of their World Series. Runs than, championship is they traded Mike, Mustafa's for the brewers late last night for two minor leaguers Milwaukee. Skipper Craig counsel after the game reacting to the trae looking for another big bat add to. The lineup and we got it and you know. We're going to I think both we've, we've talked to Travis. Travis will play, second base tomorrow I know mics open moose opened a plan second base but we'll start out with with Travis plan there. And the brewers continue their series with the giants this evening in San Francisco Milwaukee right now. Is a game and a half back of the cubs in the NFL central the cubs face the cardinals in Saint Louis Jose can against miles Michael, for the Yankees after last night's rain, out Luis Severino taking the hill today he's fourteen and three two point six, three earned-run average in the first day-night doubleheader Yanks for five back of Boston and the Red Sox are at home against the twins with Jaco is you've. Been mentioned in trade talks on the mound for Minnesota, phasing report shallow tonight the Astros after acquiring reliever Ryan Presley. From, the twins sending Justin Verlander to the mound at home against the, Rangers now Dallas Kyko who took the. Loss in his start, last night says it. Will be a nice add on Gonna, fit in nicely with our pitching staff Should be fitting in my seat with our bullpen A really good years and can referring to a trade Thursday for. Martine Maldonado both the as Mariners lost last night so Oakland remains a game back in Seattle for that second wildcard spot as her in Colorado Mariners have Felix, Hernandez on the. Hill facing the angels in Anaheim and it fell the start, of training camp gets everyone excited for the season, but it, also means unfortunate, injuries and already today multiple reports say Panthers starting right tackle Daryl Williams had to be carted off. The practice field, after going down with significant pain this after chargers defensive back Jason Verita. Suffered.

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