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Deal with the country's surging cases of COVID-19 White House correspondent Greg clarkston reports With coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths higher now than they were a year ago the president says new vaccine mandates are necessary We're in the tough stretch and it could last for a while He's ordering all federal workers and contractors to be vaccinated and mandating all private employers with more than 100 workers to require them to be vaccinated or attested weekly the president also announced the federal government will work to increase the supply of COVID tests Greg clydesdale Washington Doug badger the heritage foundation tells Salem radio news one thing President Biden needs to do his aim is rhetoric at the people who statistics show are the ones who are not being vaccinated Young people Changing his tone and his target to send those messages to them Might be more effective than what he's done The Justice Department on Thursday sued Texas over a new state law that bans most abortions arguing that it was enacted and open defiance of the constitution Texas right to life spokesperson Kimberly Schwartz tells Salem radio news the pro life movement expected this action by the Biden administration He's trying to do anything that he can to stop this Texas law I think that pretty quickly he's going to find that the Department of Justice does not have jurisdiction to stop this but of course they're going to try to do anything that they can to stop the advances that we've made in Texas Schwartz says the Biden administration filed the lawsuit in a friendly court in Texas with an activist judge On Wall Street the Dow down by 151 points the NASDAQ dropped 38 the S&P lower by 20 oil down to 68 14 a barrel More a town hall dot com Philadelphia's a.m. 9 90 the answer will see clear skies for tonight with.

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