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And since mr speaker he's he's chucking this kind of thing around. Can i ask him now to retract this. This leaflet by the labor party. During the batman spend a by election which was condemned by his own. Mp's as dog whistle racism. Mr speaker okay. Talking to pay on this pm compact so he pulls the action to unpack. What's going on patrick. Mcguire red box at the times is with me. There's a lot to unpack there The garden party that kissed referring to this is a an event which i think it happened last night's with boris johnson and some of the tech firms It was sort of briefed as being read the act but it was a long planet. Yup it wasn't the boris johnson. As you say someone's for the hydro treatment it was preregister. Wage drinks receptions. There was that kiss. Tom i think was gone. Jeannie was for waving around just for the just to know that was the website maybe lost talking. You can get subscription at the very reasonably priced. A nobody defends booing. Says boris johnson. But they weren't condemning only so that's the that's the fundamental this isn't it yes and several considered. Mp's when this forest to saving team win would leave the support of Of of Britain also several lewis fusing to liana similar the most unfortunate famous of the mold. Of course he was the poster boy who said he wouldn't watching at all. He was keeping up dates on his phone and then explained the leaflets. The voice don't so so you've got kissed waving around a printout. The gallium website boris johnson and start saving around a printer of a labor leaflet. Yes in butler span. Obviously one of the main issues and an issue that is really forcing laboring to painful contortions in Parts of the country where there are either large british indian or british pakistani communities is kashmir on. Obviously that that's a disagreement. Between india and pakistan and east votes needs community and the labor party Labor's take some positional that bilateral dispute india and kashmir labor has been Pulled all over the place in that but in badly disa- leaf of the show. Boris johnson with narendra. Modi include lots of bullet points talking about how he was unsound. On the issues that mattered to To to basti british pakistani voters think. Boris johnson point is labor contact mahogany racism if it is going to Taylor it's messages to voters a certain ethnicities along. Sectarian lines now fell from me to suggest that not everybody has about the batley span violation nydia mom found for afterwards with a euros tournament inbetween that has captured the public imagination. Terribly gonna come three. Yeah i think on the whole view on the thing is probably the football world battling spend leaf question from mr speaker prime some kid one.

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