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Cream they'd sell some thirty five million albums in the two years they played together in the nineteen sixties their hits included I feel free strange brew and sunshine of your love Baker would influence a generation of drummers with these unconventional drum set up and flamboyant style Rodriguez CBS news the university of Kansas apologizes for Snoop Dogg performance John Jeffries reports the school and Snoop Dogg to help kick off the Jayhawks men's basketball practice with the performance that show included stripper poles guns in profanity Kansas athletic director Jeff long issued an apology saying it had been made very clear that they wanted a clean version of the show Kansas basketball is currently facing five NC double a level one violations from September Saudi Arabia has lessons some restrictions on women traveling in the conservative Muslim kingdom new guidelines allow women to rent hotel rooms without a male guardians presence and foreign men and women can share a room without proof of marriage easing of strict rules on social interactions comes off to react launched its first tourist visa scheme as possible because to open up the country to foreign visitors and died that's a place we reliance economy will start he says that that women will be allowed to buy their televisions with proof of identity the same will be required to phone couples without the need for them to present to marriage certificates the move comes amid deep performs at the policy by crown prince Mohammed bin Salman well they critics that there are limits to the reforms and point to lawsuits killing of Saudi right to ten okay so Gee I'm Karen Thomas in Britain there is anger over the wife of a US diplomat who is suspected in a fatal car crash she claimed diplomatic immunity and left the country ABC Stephanie Ramose as more grieving family in the UK is at the center of the international diplomatic incident the parents of nineteen year old Kerry done killed in a head on crash this past August say they just cannot believe the suspect a forty two year old American woman the wife of an American diplomat cleaned diplomatic immunity leaving the country legally while in the middle of an investigation British media reports the woman who has not been identified was driving out of an American spy beats in the U. K. on the wrong side of the road when she crashed into the team who was.

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