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Referring about the the baseball and the conversation that you're having with all the baseball players and stuff like that the money and stuff like that we're down in Florida and more opening where baseball for the kids and stuff like that all over and we're paid money and everything for them to play what's your thoughts on the baseball Major League Baseball players about where the kids are paying for the parents are paying for money for them to play and they just see what your thoughts are on that parents paying for for kids to play in Florida hello yeah we have well we're playing actually thanks for playing without a chat lines all really well which is yeah well I'm originally from Chicago and stuff like that I wasn't you experience at London's well I was just curious what your thoughts are when the season opens up and stuff like that he has because he he was a very fair I was a big fan of his when I was a little kid so I'm just wondering what your thoughts are not gonna have you hang up George I'm glad you checked in for your phone call well I mean first of all on the surface I think we can all agree that if if kids are interested in baseball the more the merrier are you you know you start to see kids play a lot more soccer you see kids are involved in other other sports and baseball is being left behind it is good that you have kids that are around grand kids are just kids in general they're interested in the game of baseball it's interesting you say Chet lemon is a god is no white socks that so apparently down there with you living in Florida that's great that's great to be able to go to support it that's so important for those for the livelihood of the sport I always feel that if baseball itself big league baseball I was not getting into communities are urban areas to try to grow the sport then it's up all its own parents it's on guardians at song us grown ups to be able to help grow the sport for the for baseball because you could see I'll use the NBA's example what all star weekend was here for our fourth one is here in Chicago at the United center all the stimulus the if you were everywhere they were everywhere every neighborhood they were sent out they were north there they were all out west they were in a lot of different areas where you wouldn't think NBA superstars past and present would be our I can't even tell you that there's every Chicago Bulls that would be if some areas that the NBA right arm but it's important to be able to help grow the sport on a grassroots level so important for that to happen so you're doing the right thing George because again if it's good to have all the old major leaguer and women out there that's helping out the kids because the sport because they need to continue to grow there's no doubt about that could you check the enjoyed pushing your phone call I'm John he's George three one two three three two ESPN three three two three seven seven six our phone we're going to Devon he is in Romeoville with Jonathan hood talking to baseball here on ESPN one thousand a day Hey Jonathan are you going I'm good thanks for checking in created manta things I miss about baseball at the middle of the bratwurst Screamin wrote the crowd at our home you need a rallying from back and we are here baserunner stealing bases our defense is run and data for all of the kids making double plays our top eight pitches striking out our line here is it a home run I don't know you you don't know me but we really are part of any help with book about the game and it is so much investment group you know going out with the group everything goes it defect atmosphere you feel like you were at home to do a lot of your family members that you don't know but we require anything it's it's a great point Devon and I put your phone call here's why it's a great point you go to games and the one thing that we have in common is we're there to see the same thing also going to a concert why are you there to see to see a concert you there because what you have in common is the person next to you is attracted to who's on stage and for baseball basketball football whatever it is we are trying to to whatever is on stage as a matter of a team we're trying to do the sport that's why we're there did reach being outside the atmosphere baseball that's true armed you are talking to complete strangers are or if there's some kind of conversation happening in your role about what you're seeing and that's what sports brings to the table the idea that you're coming together and you are therefore offer one common cause and that is to route to drink to eat how fun so you're so right about that three one two three three two ESP as our phone number Jason Wayne Carter on Facebook says I just miss it being on front April to September you'd literally half three days a week Wednesday Thursday and Saturday are where you can watch a game around the clock you can throw something in there as well you get those you know twelve o'clock central time games always through saying I baseball yeah you can watch it run the clock down to so yeah so at least at least four days a week you can be able to watch a baseball from the early day game to get away can you mention like on Wednesday or Thursday the Saturday games of the week all the way through to the end to the west coast feed all yeah absolutely it's it's makes it very unique we hear from Jesse Rogers by the way coming up at eight o'clock his thoughts about when that baseball can return any time soon look for to talking to Jesse is always my friend for over twenty five years our Jeff in lake Zurich on ESPN one thousand which are the hood hello J. I don't drive drunk good get it all from different baseball yeah I didn't miss it but the longer it drags on the more I thought I mean my wife used to going to maybe four or five games a year the travel with a copy trying to complete my bucket list you know all the major league teams I am not really isn't that much but my question is how are they gonna handle with you know with AJ Hinch beaches vendor forty year influence how are they going to handle that it just doesn't count did you know the year before being suspended I think you know what Jeff if say for instance we get half a season right there we gave you one eighty two games that's got to go back that's going to be this season and then the other eighty eighty two games of next season right I just can't be for this year they have set up for all a full one sixty two plus don't you think right well what about like the players that were suspended for P. diesel or whatever other reason eighty games sixty games well that count when I come back right away I think so I think the I think the number of games the number games that's what I think and I can I can manage your match AJ Hinch right you suspended for years not right okay well then you get like this the season started yet the clock starts when the season starts that's what I think that's why I agree with you till you're not players well you know I I put your phone call yeah no this is I think the same thing I think you count the season when the season starts and whenever that's going to be I keep hearing like late July but who knows if that's gonna be the case who knows three one two three three two ESPN three three two three seven seven six is our phone number so many people weighing in on the phone lines also on our Facebook wall about about baseball missing the missing the sport Daniel Anderson says are you go there to you go there because you transcend all the time and space because I like being teleported back to your use for a few hours the players seem larger than life every moment is filled with anticipation of what's to come every practice tense with ecstatic exasperation the game plays out like a beautiful symphony before our very eyes and we're lucky we get to see our beloved team shine like stars that were plucked from the heavens and placed on the diamond for us to gaze in workouts and new and wondrous delight as they blast their way to victory he says I love the game so much from Daniel Henderson on the Facebook wall you're listening to under the hood.

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