Chevron, President Trump, Dave Ashaari discussed on Road Trippin' with RJ & Channing - Episode 50: JR Smith


Be comfortable not only that if you want to find the perfect balance that is hard to find you don't have to sacrifice style of calling for you it's such a stylish guys so check out me on these dot com slash road and you're going to get 20 percent off you purchase visit miandi dot com slash road and find out for yourself about the best part chanting likes of buddies biondi's the diamonds shaker cup the protects his family jewels at least i always try to bring it back on the problem with people thinking that it's crazy to aid in weiser amount will have a problem with chevron by you've got a finding people i find it for new people no people who really like this i find it something the president i think you have a somewhere in grower at president barack obama toxin wearing a shore about you i think it's more about the expression that people loved about it and remember when it happened and the moment i mean you'll hear evening dave ashaari was not a theory days after the parade still don't have a shared on an interview with you on live tv it was lowkey hottest year i was very hot it was his ohio i was sweat it what do you think i was weren't blackbeard upon never waiting on life had sunburn that day has gone up lay vibe on california you were a somber i literally had to put it on my ball was arguing what's on my baldy on all of our balls.

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