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Welcome back to the papa. And i want to welcome very very special guest Guy who is a man of many traits dropped stories He uses sources live tweets the draft at times and is able to kind of find out things before we find out his players Adrian war jonoski aka. Welcome to the pull a appreciate you. Showing up c. J. always always good to be back here. I feel like a veteran of the pod. So i'm honored. You have me back again. Now it's a privilege and honor to welcome you especially considering what's happened the last few weeks and what. You've kinda gone through having to cover the finals to fly at home and still sign up to my podcast. I truly do appreciate it. I know time is precious. It's important that we spend time with their families and in this line of work we're often gone and it's hard to be president home so i'll try to get you back to your family as soon as possible. The home i got. I got all the time in the world for you know that so. Let's discuss the finals. Obviously you were there. Starting with the intensity the crowd how much it meant to them Being able to watch on tv you get a a great understanding of how passionate those fans are. Obviously the arena. Hold seventeen thousand. It's been fifty years almost fifty years since they've won nba finals and see sixty sixty five thousand people outside the arena screaming. What was the atmosphere like. What was the situation like compared to other finals. You've been to or been a part of yes because of what was outside and we did our nba countdown show kind of on a balcony overlooking that they call the deer district in twenty. Five thousand fans Earlier in the series and then it became they said sixty sixty five thousand opened it up opened up more space on both of it. It was unlike anything i've ever seen. Your toronto had the toronto had that outside the arena when they were winning when they won their championship. I think maybe you're to prior jurassic park right and so that was comparable. This was unbelievable. It felt like a college football environment like outdoors just The mass of people was incredible. I mean three times the amount outside and It was a hungry city city that was love that franchise has been really loyal loyal through a lot of lean lanier's fifty years obviously between titles. And you know they've had good teams in milwaukee through the years like you remember the eighties with you. Know sidney moncrieff and bob lanier terry. Cummings like they were a perennial playoff team that get to the second round. Usually maybe lose the boston philly when those teams richest better but this is just. There's this great law. Affair they are and phoenix was to phoenix. Obviously as they haven't milwaukee's been very good now for several years the honestly no way Phoenix obviously had been terrible For a number of years bought ideal really passionate fan base and there's great nba history in phoenix than had. Meanwhile they'd never championship they organization really until the last several years. Seventy nine years. Whatever it's been Where they've really fallen off. And all of a sudden devon booker. Chris paul monty williams change that and so it was really chew fan. Bases that hadn't experienced winning to this level hadn't been in the finals in a very long time and so Really i thought both cities it was. It was really remarkable. I think you feel it even more because we've been without fans for so long and we started the season we ended. The season with autumn started the season without him and it was pretty amazing to look around and we had adam silver on our show on countdown before game a four. I think and we were just talking about that about the fact that we went from fans to what was just a pretty rockets rockets environment. I definitely agree with you. I just wanted to get your perspective because you were there on the ground being able to watch. I got friends who obviously intended to gain Ex teammate pat who in now champion well-timed. I'm happy for him. Because i understand. The process is taken for him to get there being a baseball player. Being a rotation god second round pick gets traded and finds the initial championship caliber team where he's making impact place pet connotation i. I really didn't get a chance to talk about it on air. But i was talking about it. I've ever sitting there with jalen. Rose a few times I remember when he came in the league in portland with you guys. It came in the second round great athlete. I think you're the one who told me once. Or maybe david banner parole about like greg golfer could throw football sixty or seventy really throw a football and obviously we know a a big prospect in baseball and i kind of always thought maybe pat would play a year or two and maybe he'd go back to baseball and he is carved out an incredible. Nba career. He was a valuable piece for that team. And he was for you guys in portland too. And i think in milwaukee he really like you said you really. He had some big shots in that series. Create rebound remakes. Just makes winning. Plays and i know you. I know you enjoyed playing with them. And and but i thought he was to me. Let the real key role guys to help. Milwaukee get back in the series when they got down early. The i definitely agree. I i had to shut him out guy really happy for him and you talked about it. They can baby is gonna play a year. Maybe he's gonna play two years now. He's carved out quite a career in the nba. We'll obviously get an extension somewhere. Probably ima walkie. You had eight rebounds. Didn't score but made a lot of winning plays throughout the game and at what point was the leading three point field goals made for the bucks during the finals ryan. So shout out to him. But we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about some the star players obviously starting with What he was able to accomplish Not only throughout the season but coming back from that injury in on five or six days injury we thought was going to in this season and maybe put next season in jeopardy. Did you expect him to do he did i i can answer i i expect him the dominate but he took dominate into a whole new level of where he made fifty look easy. Absolutely especially coming off the injury you said. Cj he said it he thought his not only his season was over. He might be out for a year. They worried that he had a really injured that need to go from where he was when he went down and they win the last couple of games without him and get by atlanta to all of a sudden he's warm up game warning plays really well in game one and then just fully dominates the series from game two on loss game too. He played incredibly. Then the rest of the series forget it. he was That was an all time. Nba finals performances. And i mean it's funny. Cj you think back to just late in the season latte like he wins back to back. Mvp's people still ask. Can you really build a championship team around. You can go to at the end of games..

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