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Not too many places. We can't wear beer and so they allow That's our and this man carried the fact that you can't get facial hair and yulia listed speaker health so i just think the congrats always great to catch up with you. And and good luck with the alma mater. Thank you chris. Chris webber member of the hall of fame class i former nba on tnt analyst. And five at michigan. He always tells a story or two. Like there's always a story where you'll be like. Oh yeah yeah. Oh yeah you know. Quick story quickstart. I love that. We'll take a break. We'll get phone calls coming up also the the rise and fall of certain cities sports wise. We'll have that for you coming up. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr or stream. It live on the peacock out by karma. I'm dan fired. We ever friend new fantasy. 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It's courtesy of paramount. Plus discover match all the cash. Back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year and they do that automatically. Discovers accepted at ninety nine percent of the places in the united states to take credit cards. Learn more at discover dot com slash. Yes twenty twenty one. Neilson report limitations do apply. I know that you are probably asking for this. Or maybe you. You weren't asking for this. But it was not long ago when we had josh jacobson alabama running back now. Plays for the raiders and we were talking about Coach saban and do we have the audio of josh jacobs talking about coach. Sabin the sense of humor. Coach savin has favored is like he likes to do. A lot of these nasdaq is funny. Because like you. I haven't heard one of them since like middle school and then saving when i went to college used to do with a lot. Wait wait wait wait. Give me one. Here are so. One day. I was catching. I caught like five passes in a row and he was like he like. Hey josh if you want to hold out mosque hold as i said are the sat out there for a second. I was like wait. He was doing dis nuts to you. Yeah ain't heard this wellbeing journalist than i am. I had to have we had coach. Save it on. And i had to app. Ask him for confirmation. Do we have paulie getting having trouble with it. jordan battle. The alabama safety yesterday was well. He's asked this question. Do you have a favorite saying that. They haven't had one of his little coaching. You know he has. He has so many but there are few like He always talking about touch ds or knees or all that. I think that is probably the sports information director in the back on. Oh no we don't say that about coach. Save apple and That's not a freshman junior. Think he'd be more media savvy all right we'll see if we can find sabin when he He confirmed this sort of thing. That just when. I asked like quite fun with the grew. I know when i go coach. Can you confirm or deny the josh jacobs comment about these nuts I'd like to have fun with the guys. And sometimes i say some things like the notes. When the jordan battle these knots. revelation came out yesterday. A lot of people in alabama who like our show had our back and posted that this This story is older. We've been all over it. Yes when it comes to this story. Nobody has covered it quite link. We're the woodward and bernstein of yeah the oral history of these nuts. Yeah yes mclovin. Eagles quarterback down hurts his not laughed once in his entire nfl career. He cracked up. When you mentioned that you know he didn't wanna go there ya it's like. Did you ever hear coach saving. Say these nuts and he just laughed loudly and i go. I'm going to take that as a confirmation. Yes he said. That josh jacobs interview was how many years ago three years three years ago. I love that nick. Sabin is still sticking with not only for like thirty years as he stuck with these not but even still since that story came out. He's still these guy. I like it. You know the consistency. I loved by the way this week's episode of that scene. I sat down and talked to a patent oswald about big fan. You guys ever see that movie and indie film about a parking lot attendant. He's obsessed with new york football giants and he always calls into sports. Talk radio movie. Yeah at one point in the film he lights up. Michael rapaport in the bathroom with a paintball gun. Here's a clip from our conversation. And then you're you're got the paintball gun in your firing away at michael rapaport. How much gleed did you take out of that. I mean look. There is that feeling of and i'm sure you've dealt with them to internet trolls where you're like. Oh if i could. Just i obviously i. Don't want to terrify them. It would no. I don't want to kill them. But it will be nice to terrify them only for five or ten seconds. That value felt that way about rappaport rappoport patent oswald interesting guy. We talked about a lot of different things in coach. Jeff van came up as an inspiration for his role is principal durbin in the show. Ap bio that you can see on peacock catch the rest of the episode on amazon dot com slash. That seem like a really sneaky. Good movie it's kind of dark bonnie but it's more dark than funny. He said they shot it on. Staten island and they had no budget. He said that we would have a wardrobe change in the back of a car. And he said it was just sort of bare-bones trying to do this. This movie called Big fan club in the last scene. He's in prison. His body brings it in the next year schedule and they go. That's a win that off. He loves the giants and he loves to call into sports talk. Radio does.

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