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Brakeman pushing it by walkers off target another pass to flex off a goal for skate Minnesota will drive it back through the financing goals side side three for a quarter let's see if we can make the third pass out of his own work this final just don't put and crossing server I use the Wolverines will quickly escape there's only come out the center is to not ask you OB along rising shot way off the mole and flown back to neutralize the goal for D. nice tip there by make man is to get the **** out of those old Hey man passed the flux offer Michigan state your call is you know not be aware they did his arm a pricing here come the gophers Ben Myers across the blue line on the left wing side to the corner Blanca bird but he carries on and finally rubbed off the block and here come the will for you they come up the right wing sign on a cross ice pass a Lambert dropped the white circle safer bowl we had a good look at all or yeah basically turned it into a decent story cast for routine say that as I write honest mother gave up no rebounds and I'll have a face off to his left coral is hockey through three minutes of play really for nothing shot on goal advantage kind of a similar start Friday night world schools for the goal for this Johnny Sorenson now taking a faceoff wins a for Minnesota good to see improved faceoff performance so far in this game.

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