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Every money guys. Well, from rainy, drizzly, wet Salt Lake City. It's thank God. I made this the podcast. I'm Frank Feldman. I'm Dan Beecher and coming of to day down. We're gonna talk about. Tragedy and international tragedy the burning of a building. Yeah. Yeah. We're gonna talk about Notre Dom. The cathedral. That was Paris is burning. That's all there is to it. Paris is burning. Yeah. Really, really? Well, they put it out by now. Shocking and sad and everything. So we do want to talk about that. Because obviously there are you know, they're of interest. I think for this show. Well, yeah, discussed so anyway coming up I though down. Yeah. There is a new pamphlet out. Oh that is available in Sweden. Oh, the land of pamphlets really for you just can't get away from. It's food into and pamphlets everywhere as far as the Atkins E, absolutely. And yeah. Sheep furniture as well and water lens of lots of water. That's. Yeah. Archipelagos and whatnot. Nice. Yeah. No. The the church of England church of England churches Sweden. Yes. Okay. Weird. If it was. Churches Sweden has or at least one of the diocese has. Issued this pamphlet. It is now available to Christian queer kids. Oh, it's a it's a guide on LGBT, Hugh. Topics in Christianity. Okay. So so generally speaking in the larger scheme win a Christian organization releases a pamphlet about LGBTQ brace for the worst. You should brace for the best. I was going to say this is Sweden. Two different animal talk to me. The. Yeah, this if you were, you know, maybe one of those. More run of the mill Merican Christian types. Yeah. You might be a little stunned by this. You might you might be shocked in fact to hear that the guide describes Jesus as queer wall and Joseph as transvestite. The stretch. I I actually take issue of Sweden. You don't wanna just make stuff up Khokhlov going the whole thing. I mean, what do they base that on? I'm not entirely sure to be honest. He liked his robes a little more flowing than the next man. So the guide says that the scripture is not actually against homosexuality doesn't really say any never mentioned by name. They say and and the win. It does talk when it is on the topic of homosexuality. What what it's actually talking about the stories that they're mentioning are actually about exploitation or rape. And. That's that's a stretch to me too. I mean, I've read the Leviticus where it says if a man lay with a man that doesn't sound like rape Manley with a man the way Manley's with woman or something along those lines. So maybe it is maybe old all sex with women was raped back in the day. Probably. And now, and they're just saying, hey, you can't you can't do that to a real person. Like a man. Yeah. Right. That's that's the problem. Yeah. The guide includes definitions for SIS person gender fluid non binary queer to sex norm rainbow flare fares rainbow fair is but it says that Jesus's mother Mary. Dared to break traditional sex norms in a patriarchal society by having sex with God. Yeah. I guess being a virgin. Other. That's that broke. I mean is it dairy hers will sex. I mean. Yeah. You know, she had a kid without involving a man should well that is that's pretty pretty queer. She's rejecting the patriarch. She is by doing that bright or just accepting the grandest of patriarchy Jesus described as someone who quote broke the norm calling him queer for the way, he lived his life. This is actually really I like this. They also point out that he did not defend the traditional family. Yeah. That is true. Yeah. He actually says to leave your your family. Follow him. Yeah. He does one hundred percent. He says that. You said some other stuff about men and wife and stuff. But the fact that we don't have any evidence of him having married. Exactly. And we we do have lots of evidence of him hanging out with a lot of man's who liked the main company all the time..

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