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What happens to the bright family but there are three kids are ripped away from them and the shocking moments that come next with exclusive audio captured as the events unfolded. Do no harm takes you inside. The most harrowing moments of the brights family fight to protect their children. Like court junkie because of the trial clips or the interrogation audio. Then you will love. Do no harm because you get an up close behind the scenes. Look into what really happened. Subscribe to do no harm on apple podcasts. Spotify or listen ad free by joining wondering plus in the wonder e app. Investigators described the scene as gruesome with blood everywhere. A real life horror movie. The wisconsin state crime laboratory was called in to assist collecting evidence. Crime scene leaders from both milwaukee and madison responded more than seventeen hundred pictures were taken samples of suspected. Blood were collected from inside the home and garage. A dna swab from jacob's left palm was a mixture between jacob and sabrina sunny and jole were excluded as contributors a dna swab from jacobs. Bottom right foot was a mixture of sunny and sabrina. Jacob and joel were excluded. Dna analyst and berlin that jacob could have been excluded from a sample taken on himself because there may have been too much dna or his feet were very dirty. Linda also examined. The knife believed to be the murder weapon. She analyzed three different swabs from it and found one source of dna. Sabrina 's investigators also took samples from a tire. Iron found wrapped in duct tape. Sunny was found to be. The major contributor. And jacob was a minor contributor joel and sabrina 's dna was found on the plastic. Handle of the shovel joel said he had jacob with jacobs. Dna however was not found on it on cross examination. The defense asked lindh about testing the dna samples against the four people believed to be involved in the case. She said the samples were also tested against an internal database to make sure there was no cross contamination but that they weren't entered into the federal database medical examiner. Dr vincent trench shida performed autopsies. On both of the victims he ruled both of their deaths. Homicides sabrina had suffered stab wounds her body on her head. A stab wound to her cheek injured her tongue. In addition she was stabbed in the base of her neck and on the left side of her clavicle. She had blunt force trauma to her abdomen. Back and arms and one of the stab wounds damaged a kidney and another hit her liver doctor. Trench shida ruled her cause of death as stab wounds to her torso he said. Sonny suffered multiple types of injuries including dozens of bruises scratches stabbing and strangulation sunny. T had injuries consistent with compression of the neck both ligature hands and using accord said dr trench cheetah. A rope was recovered. From sonny's knack. He said she suffered severe blunt force trauma to her head that fractured her skull. Dr trench shida examined a tire iron found at the crime scene and said he believes it was consistent with the type of object that caused the injuries. In addition he described five incised wounds one of which cut off the top of her ear. Dr trend cheetah death as homicide of violence noting. The injuries she suffered led to her quote drowning in her own blood homicidal violence including stab wounds of the torso blunt force trauma and compression of the neck. He told the court. The defense declined to cross. Examine the medical examiner Have you discussed your decision whether or not to testify with your lawyer made a decision. What is that decision. Jacob care announced he would testify. He would be the only witness for the defense. He removed his mask. Placed face shield on his face and his attorney asked him how he was feeling policy. The truth to come out all really tired because about colder system s physically mentally spiritually tired for years and i think that's not afraid to face it does look as demilitarize spend the circumstances home nervous you other than that. It's to be up there. Still blocking jacobs said he had been previously convicted of for crimes. He said he has a good relationship with his mom. Called her an angel on the planet and said that he would go to the end of the earth for her but as for his father. He said he's former military and cease things as black and white. Cops don't lie. The justice system is not corrupt. Then he moved onto the murderers. He said he remembers having dinner with his family the night before and getting into a fight with his father he said he grabbed his backpack and left on his bike. He was asked to describe some of the items in that backpack items. He said he had to protect himself including candles and zip ties. Some of those things I guess also zip zip ties. I could look. Y'all know at a warrant goethe's faust naval warrant individuals better threatening meanders evidence of that my phone for months So if these people are coming out you will you do django. Anyone will fire of their roman candles are used while it's chaos detain them leave not not surrendering when the people who molly or attacking me my life before this. According to jacob. He dated sabrina for about two and a half years during high school. He said they met at a youth group and broke up in the winter of two thousand eight. He said sonny was cool and he had asked her to teach him to make egg rolls. He denied knowing joel kennedy as he was riding his bike that evening he said he grew more and more frustrated with his ex girlfriend and her current boyfriend. What he said he remembers next is disjointed to say the least are not gonna my up. I don't have any religion that up until his power where i am in a vehicle laying down and there's someone despite looking relics never even holding me down the stairs wherever you go rain or snare drum sound. I got nothing for your own that then after that there is i'm i'm struggling with somebody. In the kitchen of the two is not to there is i have small reserve. I'm told Description was atom over down shoulder down. There's another person here to my right. Which would be by. The kitchen meets the bathroom. Two pairs of feet along with one foot so another one hundred seventy visual and then then. The next one is visual. I'm looking out cement driveway. The car spring is fairly jr. Jacobs said the next thing he remembers after that is waking up in the hospital covered in blood. He said he was confused. Scared and in handcuffs issues. The full timers do once after coming to sumptious They have been a fight with serena for a reason. There's no reason. I'm super still trying to figure it out. Says no reason for that is. Why would you tell someone that. You're basically almost very the super runny. You need money for your car. You need money for car. You need your life bags. What the hell's so i. I meant like sir conversation. They were wrong note. There was no plans of over there. And i'll talk about this. There's no the wildfires through the process of elimination. jacob said. He tried to figure out why he was there. He claimed he was trying to help the cops because he was not the do they were looking for. He said there are about twenty seven hours missing from his memory during the interview. Did.

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