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Isn't strong enough and they ended up having to go back again and try multiple times so that's what's happening to to rachel here on the tilting ladders and then sarah slips up on the floating tiles and gets wet and then slips up again on the monkey bars and goes into the water which leaves rachel they're all she needs to do is finish the monkey bars and she will take down the round but she is not able to she also falls on the monkey bars and because sarah got their first sarah will take this heat and the super super hero squad is going to be down zero to two yeah we'll rachel's completely exhausted from not being able to figure out the ladders yes then we get sean darling hammond versus andrew phillip beck sean is getting a phd and he made it to stage two in vegas and i just i i love this guy he's so positive i don't think i had any idea that he has a degree from harvard and it's getting his phd at berkeley that's crazy sean darling heaven i know but i don't i don't think i knew that have yeah and apparently being genius well look look just because you're getting phd's doesn't mean you're genius necessarily but just it just means that you're smart and dedicated okay those are those are two amazing schools i'm just giving him perhaps some hyperbolic credit credit but i'm giving him credit all the same yes i like sean a lot and then we got andrew phillip beck who is undefeated in in the college ninja team ninja.

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