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Are here for you all news all the time. Right here on KCBS. KCBS traffic in weather. It's 2 38 would check back with Kim Kim. Last we spoke you were telling us about an overturn accident in full Leo. It's still there in traffic continues to stack up in both directions on Interstate 80. The crash happened at westbound just after Redwood righthand shoulder is where it landed. But we've got the fire department and emergency vehicles blocking the right lane. So westbound is backed up. Pretty solid backup to Columbus Parkway eastbound stacked up. But right past the car Keenest bridge once you get off the bridge in the East bound direction, No. Hello, brake lights there and Hayward. We have a new problem on the Nimitz South bound. 8 80 a crash just before Whipple Road that's on the right hand shoulder but and also the South bound direction. North bound already pretty slow because Friday traffic and nothing unusual or out of the ordinary in the North bound direction, Orinda an earlier accident, eastbound 24 before welder managed to back up traffic into the call Tokat Tunnel All lanes open, though, so that should pick up speed and, yes, super slow through downtown Oakland on South about 8 80 The Nimitz Freeway and earlier crash last hour near High Street is clear as just residual slowing and in the South Bay, the South South Bay. We have an accident waiting for toe is still backing up to ride south Bound. 11 passed Bailey Avenue, inspect upto Highway 85. Next update at 2 48 on the traffic leader. KCBS another day with a big variety of temperatures, big variance from the coast, mid sixties lingering clouds and then upper eighties to mid nineties in those inland valleys. Quite.

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