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Scam to tell you about officials in the town of Gardner send out a warning about a company claiming to take donations for the fire department it is a hoax so they say by all means if you get those calls hang up the architect of the greatest Ponzi scheme in American history looking for an early release from prison correspondent Christine Johnson tells us eighty one year old Bernie made off now asking for leniency due to failing health in a court filing made off says he is suffering from terminal kidney failure and has less than eighteen months to live he was sentenced to one hundred fifty years in prison for using his investment firm to take clients out of billions of dollars the eighty one year old began his prison term in July of two thousand nine after pleading guilty to eleven felony charges and in his request for compassionate release made off says he does not dispute the severity of his crimes a big misstep for a major bookseller during a month intended to water black history critics call it literary black face Barnes and noble is canceling plans to re issue twelve classics with major characters depicted on the cover with dark skin in honor of black history month the books include Moby Dick Romeo and Juliet and the wizard of oz featuring an Asian Dorothy and a pink dress other covers over as black and native American the joint project with Random House used artificial intelligence to look through one hundred books that make no reference to the race of their characters Deborah Rodriguez CBS news.

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