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Congress, President Trump, Andrew Yang discussed on KCBS Radio Afternoon News


Numbers like this before but those numbers don't tell us what a lot of small businesses need to know and that is when are those rescue checks coming because business owners are seeing their own numbers and those numbers are telling them that if the federal checks they were promised don't show up soon there will be any business left to catch those checks Congress and the president agreed on the rescue package twelve days ago but it turns out that there isn't a nationwide system that can rapidly hand out that much money to that many people and so this is looking like the financial version of the obamacare rollout with the online portal crashing not enough people to handle applications except this time the entire economy hangs in the balance your member Andrew Yang the presidential candidate to propose that universal basic income idea a thousand dollars a month for every adult may have sounded crazy but if we had that system today our account numbers would already be on file for the treasury secretary could open the emergency rescue disbursement program on his desktop you could click pay everybody now press enter anybody would be there yesterday in a perfect world they were also the CBS news radio network get.

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Congress, President Trump, Andrew Yang discussed on KCBS Radio Afternoon News

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