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That excels past because i mean as a songwriter what you're trying to do is make something that is unique that lives above the fray and to do that it's very difficult all these things have to interplay and you have to find something special it now with lyric ai what we're hoping it will do is give seeds right give us different kinds of anchors give us seeds that we can work off and that's going to be the trick so far has lyric ai given you anything as a songwriter that you couldn't get on your own i worked on i worked we worked reworked one of my songs and i did two of the verses would lyric ai and it did give me threads but and it's it's a question always write the words that gave me i worked off but manipulated a lot now would i have come to those without it i don't know did i give you something i really liked yes in the end but was it's the balance between i'm not quite sure how useful it was yet my feeling is though that as it gets smarter and starts understand better what's needed of it it will become a much more useful tool ai works very well with yeses in knows is very much more difficult to make it understand things that are subjective well that's maybe i wanted to go because i i mentioned after we played the original eleanor rigby that pump paul mccartney says the song came to him in a dream and that father mckenzie was in a phone book are you concerned at all that tools like lyric could discourage the type of play that leads to music like this.

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