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Real easier way to learn attitude statewide organ organizing of this type could serve at different a strategy here so anyway hit it every day are i could whoa let's talk about the stage for a minute because i think that's a really interesting example if you're gonna build a national organization he added serve pilot has it what are the fourstage so weather well it is right here in maryland pleading america out of its useful because today maryland revolution endorsed zhou as for governor who've been on our word now leaves the board running for governor or with bernie sanders anywhere with their speaking meryl messages wisconsin texas they're very very different subsidiaries maryland massachusetts but otherwise quite different they're all four space where we have a significant number of local groups and the idea state organizing committee is the tied together and be able to move very broad agenda issue who's candidates balladur measures change the democrat party in some cases form new that summit flew parties political formations and so we will learn from these force face there's a lot of other states lined up so if you're describing in these foreign state's nationally our revolutions relationship with the democratic party how would you characterizing so low of are millions of people do themselves has regrets owed vivid it is uh graves if republicans i guess sure about that but as as the ones that do one of the three things that we encourage these groups to is the democrat party get people to run for precincts captain easily their of anybody we've gotten thousands of people enroll that way the organizing through party county level that it if it state level inveighs face we've helped elect state chairs favorite six able for us as the briska board jane club bleeding national environmental with this now the chair of the the risk party so one of the ways to look at it from a pragmatic point of view is a relationship with the democratic party is that people who have this shared set of values which you could describe as bernese as your kind of shorthand one of the relationship pragmatically can consist of entering the democratic party participating in its internal process he's and taking taking the party over a county or stand levels you describe it as.

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