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ABC news I'm Terry Alden or another big night for Joe Biden ABC news is projecting that the former vice president will win at least three democratic presidential primaries Missouri Mississippi and the big delegate prize of the night Michigan ABC news political director Rick Klein I don't think it's fair to say that it's over when we're less than at the halfway point but it's hard to see how the delicate mass starts to break in Bernie Sanders favor from here A. B. C.'s Markram alerts his ideology may not be driving voter numbers in Missouri voters there fifty nine percent say they find it a more of a priority to beat trump then to support the candidate that agrees with them on the issues only thirty seven percent of them said that that was more important might and also picking up an endorsement from former challenger Andrew Yang Biden and Sanders canceling their rallies tonight in Cleveland over concerns about the novel coronavirus the death toll from covert nineteen is now at least thirty the latest in Sacramento county California the White House coronavirus task forces getting tested may soon be much easier as daily coronavirus briefing the vice president saying the government will have distributed four million test by Saturday we want to make sure the American people knew that testing was available to them and that cost would not be a barrier the nation's health insurers say they will not charge a copay for testing Andy field ABC news Washington the National Guard is cleaning schools in delivering food in a one mile containment zone in new Rochelle New York it's believed to be the nation's largest virus cluster stocks soaring on word that Congress could do more to minimize the economic impact of the virus economist mark Zandi of moody's analytics presidents talk about fiscal stimulus support to the economy to navigate through the fallout from code nineteen is Scott dusters a bit more upbeat the Dow closed up more than eleven hundred points today Google asking north American employees to work remotely you're listening to ABC news there was a radio six ten WTVN am Alison Wyatt several of a higher risk colleges announced today they're suspending in person classes for their students Ohio State University Kent state Toledo Miami University of Ohio and Ohio University in Athens are all moving their classes online as Ohio governor Mike DeWine encourage the colleges to make the move to remote learning amid covert nineteen concerns he also encouraged upcoming sporting events to continue without fans in order to keep people free of the easily spread virus they've also told me that this virus is twice as easy to catch the pass along as is the flu and we know the flu is very contagious the Columbus blue jackets have announced that this week's game will allow fans inside the corona virus outbreak is forcing though another presidential candidate to cancel a rally right after he appeared in Columbus on Tuesday Joe Biden's campaign says he will not be holding his rally that was planned for Cleveland to tonight out of an abundance of caution the campaign says the status of other events will now be announced in the coming days senator Bernie Sanders also canceled his election night rally that was set to take place in Cleveland and more events are also being cancelled across the city here's a problem now the city canceling several big public events because of the crop virus sent among them the state of the city the opening of the new suspension bridge which was set for this Friday and the St Patrick's day parade all canceled in Dublin this year because of the virus a college in Scioto county meanwhile is testing for covert nineteen Johnny State University said Monday three people not specifying if they were students faculty or staff were being tested for the corona virus the school says it is cooperating with the Portsmouth city health department anyone who may have come into contact with the three people being tested or now Corentin they expect to have results back Wednesday night the school says campus operations will not be interrupted I'm John Gallagher the impacts from the corona virus however continue to hit the airlines is delta announced they're going to implement a twenty to twenty five percent reduction in their international flights will attend a fifteen percent cut to domestic flights is also set to happen in the coming days I'm Alison Wyant your ABC six first warning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds Columbus is news radio six ten WTVN they say love makes a Subaru and a buyers imports Subaru we've got more.

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