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All right queen feel like i'm full but it could fit on more thing inside of me that's what i'm talking about my bad and come on in his is just as trays arch i don't get to stay arch okay diane new twitter bio new twitter bio this week's desert this scrumptious little thing at the end of your meal is none other than chela man on instagram i ranted instagram influence here's the thing i don't like influencers i don't like their straps and i'm about recommend you an influence or thirst trial in fact last year i persian entire social media from thirst trump's only follow a very select few now because i want to be better for myself this year one of those people that i follow as telemann c h e l l a man on instagram they're a trans gender queer deaf jewish chinese american artists literally nineteen years old and island hate youtubers i really really hate them but on your chela man created a youtube channel that started to document in detail his transition in perpetuity and that includes things from like starting the very first day he started doing testosterone to the top surgery to the day he asked his dad if he could start calling him as he instead of she and like the way that you watch his progression and his growth over the course of this journey is like such a true testament to me to what social media can be and have actual real impact on other people's lives hundred names chela man and my voice one gay gee how many years chohan and this is my voice seven weeks hi my name is.

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