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Ago we were we I can't fire with a friend a party with a bunch of friends and my wife makes this comic is all talk about waking up early in the morning and my wife makes is common with which is very true I never needed that back then alarm clock could probably tell my mid forty I never use an alarm clock at all I had a internal clock that would wake me up. and when she told everyone that they were just so impressed I mean they're like seriously wow well cool cool in a few minutes later my buddies cockles can yeah what time do you wake up in the morning. noon. well my kids the you said Dr my kids to school every morning so I wake up at seven getting ready drop off at school when I said seven they all start laughing they said no one do you don't be alarmed. yeah yeah it is funny I used to think it was I don't know if it was guilt or anxiety but I was kind of same way I would just yeah wake up yeah. me six thirty seven now is my that's my window where I'm up wide awake every morning I think people that as they age they they get it you know once your eyes are wide awake it's hard to put it back miles of put your feet on the floor and you never say just reset so hard for United Napoli how tired we are now in our older age I can be out for ten maybe fifteen minutes and that's it I we back up and I'm that used to be a guilt source forum that I've I've literally come to believe over the last several years that's actually a very healthy thing to do yeah I believe that I wish I'd done it earlier now heather sometimes in life when I was still by by day six or seven of the week it's like he were zombie just kept moving forward okay so we have an hour left of the show if you have any phone call John asks any questions eight eight eight six five four guys equals eight eight eight six five four four eight nine seven where is the sweet spot shock. glad I just wanna we drive we're trying the water out okay but I think we need to take one further step let's do that lot of people don't do completely and they don't go for long enough to take the they dry out what's visual that you are so right Hey this is so important you're about to say well bottom line you get concealed water behind dry walls we again we had a caller just just a we've got a million emails on gas. and and and that moisture in it yeah we have a caller that used to remediation yes call real real intelligent man and I'm. you gotta make sure that that what inside of the wall cavities or dry or the ceiling cavities you know the floor above your head if it's a second floor you know whatever because that's where concealed moisture will give girls to mold and mildew isn't that's where you end up having real health problems they're actually right near the house could be you know Hey you hear about people Sam get all these headaches I tell people tell me I'm getting headaches are no work I'll say anything change in your house have you had the water of it any chance you have mold because one of the first places you should look yeah is in your heart has changed in your life yeah and it's funny that people don't want to accept that if they smell if you smell mildew or date yes in your house you have an issue there's just no two ways about it and southeast Michigan. is full of those when I called basement smells when you walk into the basement you know cells like a basement I was like a basement yes say that every listeners going I know what that is okay but that doesn't excuse it and that doesn't make a right it doesn't meet me you should should keep it that way you know unfortunately a lot of people use their basements as storage and I'll say forty some people need to I I get it I get that's kind of what they were built for regional yeah you're right food storage initially yep. however like anything else you store you should never put stuff right against a wall you should always try to keep it out just a few inches even in a corner you want the air to be able to move around it or on the floor or on the floor right yeah pallets anything you can do the list list up got a little bit. it end and don't discount that because this is really could advice if you keep the air moving around it once it does get wet for whatever the reason maybe have a rival league maybe when your window wells fills up Hey you fix it and you can't get to those things if you lease no there's air moving around it you know what will dry out eventually absolutely absolutely and if you encourage more air movement though again we go back to the you know a fan keep the air moving or keep your furnace motor running. if they're moving your help disperse it and and and the laws of physics will actually help you dry that out yeah you know you talk about fan we love the ins and outs you guys love.

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