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We I hope you know and can pick up the energy just just a little bit. He's so calm and tranquil and we're gonna have to have you pick up your energy and be more excited about what you're doing if that's okay. But I can try. That was beautiful. Anyway. Odd tiger before we we took a break from way had a. That's right. John. Rick's gotta question, right, John, right? He wanted to know. Since Ed mentioned that Bertel was really into peaches. He wanted to know a little bit about maybe some peach recommendations. Well, let's see. Let me do it. Let me let me kind of used my cheat sheet here so that because you know, as a matter of fact, I have to recall by name to get my soul flavors correct, so I want I want to make sure that I connect the correct one. And we are talking about the Boise area against So and then, I mean, they have so many check this others peach, clean peach, three stone and then a pizzeria. Peach arena, which would be part of the reason these air just categories of peaches. That's not those are varieties. Just categories of people take a wild guess that a featuring the nectarine nectarine maybe, but nectarines or peaches anyway, aren't they Can I humble myself and say that my editing of this website has not been thorough. Yet one's gone Well, you know, I'm a purist and you know my personal feeling of a peach arenas that a peach arenas either a nectarine or a peach. Please be specific. I really do believe that they looked at this and said Mike do its goodness. I think it's got one or two hairs, and we probably call it a peace serene, so I suspect, but so are we talking about a free still variety that would work well up in the boy's ear. Is that what we're looking for? We're looking for the Star area Boise area and then Also Lila and San Diego and Polly actually wants to know about a good Ah lo chill. Self fruitful nectarine. Oh, cool. OK, well, let's see. All right, Let's start with. Let's start with the star folks. Now, a couple of these that I'm I'm going to recommend are out right now, but they'll be back at every time to be exact will be putting up bare root here shortly, So it should be like within the next week or so, but I'll give you a couple So one of them definitely would be the would be the crest haven peach. That one is a wonderful flavored peach. Midseason definitely takes that high Chill area. You know, when will tolerate the lake freezes that are common, you know to the Star area, so that's a great one to consider. And the other one and probably More popular. More well known is the Alberta In this case, it would be the lemon, Alberta. So that that would be an excellent variety for up there as well. And that one will be coming back in the stock at Beirut time as well. They never heard of lemon. Elbert never have well. He lived in Utah. You live and die by that it's grown. It's grown very, very extensively throughout the Wasatch Valley there. Um It's a very, very popular variety, lemon overheads, and it's delicious. Here. You grow the lemon, Alberta and the problem with it is if it doesn't have that temperate and I mean that tempers amore. Moderate climate We get thes heats likes lemon. Albert ripens overnight in the whole crop lands on the ground, and you know you're basically scurrying approved, whereas in these other climate, you know they have more moderate temperatures and higher humidities Lemon. Albert actually will stay firm and stay on the tree for a good long period of time, since good variety never heard of pumpkin Spice peach, either. That's that That's definitely an exclusive virtual variety. There's a lot of these varieties in here that are exclusive virtual It isn't really for what were we talking about? Donna's account right here in San Diego in college. She wants a low chill nectarine. A local neck terrain. Okay, let me let me flip over my nectarine, you know, and and keep in mind those peaches, the selection of these doughnuts style peaches that they've had hidden that virtual had hidden for years. Oh, my God. I'm going crazier. So many of these that were goingto we're goingto introduce and nectarines to the donut style nectarines as well. So get real excited about those The nectarine that I would definitely recommend for down there, and it comes right to the top of the list is speckled face, freckled, freckled face virtual exclusive, and I could tell a story, but I can't because I have an allegiance to my Dave Wilson colleagues. But freckle face has a history with those stables in nursery and virtual nursery. And it's a funny story that I'll tell you in private, all right. But keep in mind. You know the varieties like honey Halo nectarine amazing flavor, And that's one of those doughnuts, style peaches and sugar pies. Excellent saucer. Excellent. These air varieties that I don't think that they quite had a grasp on hot of how to market them in the past, but I think we'll be putting those into one particular categories. Been staging them by ripening time and then promoting in that, then by whatever they're, you know, complex flavor things to get excited about their flavours kind of doing it that way. And this is kind of a might take a long time to talk about this, But you've done so much for one of our listeners wants to know the proper spacing of fruit trees, and maybe you could just briefly cover that. Well, it depends. I mean, if you're if you're going to do a commercial larger than you're probably going to be on, you know, Spacings anywhere from seven tow 10 to 12 ft. On center with 12. Ft. Isles. If you're going to be in the home garden, John, you know why I'm high density planter. I've you know, I've planted everywhere up to you know, to foot on center and you know, Head road to grow street hedge road trees and kept them head road for, you know, 10 12 years. It has to do with pruning, right pruning. If everything is about pruning, that's its size control is everything in the home garden and my door freed stocks. You know, I'm just you know, on the on the guy who says semi door food stocks are worthless. And I still say that you know, the fact is restock. So for soil adaptation and disease resistance, and that's all there fourth If you if you choose or it starts the size control, more than likely, you're probably giving it up some adaptation that that root stock needs to have either the soil or climate or disease resistance. And that's not what you should do. Oh, that's growing pretty pruning Crew semi door..

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