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Use case where the customer has their infrastructure the developers are are working on in vmware instances can you give shuttled a more light on what their infrastructure looks like what where are those virtual machines running and if you want to back up a virtual machine where are you inserting yourself and taking snapshots so that you can have something to backup to all your copy of estrada leslie i'm glad you brought it up because i agree it's actually a a very big gap from my point of view in the understanding of the world today does seem like here in silicon valley we tend to focus on the you know the kind of a new agency structure that most of our our silicon valley startups use an which amazon and google facebook push very well but there's this whole other world of like every other company that's not a big either a text arte or a big tech company basically exactly what you call enterprises and they you know they tend to be moving in the direction of you know the aws and the as clouds but they're still because their businesses they're not act the not focused entirely a software they do still have a lot of what we might consider legacy and actually what's legacy to us is actually the in butter of their operations and so what the sat looks like to answer question these days in you know ever since vmware shown up i guess a little over a decade ago vmware has it's what i i guess i call it the vmware microsoft stack so most businesses now will have a majority of their applications virtual eyes so they'll be running vmware as their high provides are so that's what's on the bear metal vmware has a few components namely the center to manage all these hosts.

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