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How did you come across these band members and man to everything? I mean the first group like me. Brian. Carl were. We were in a band called celebrate. Nebraska and then. We moved along from lead singer at the time and then I jumped in and then Brian was unfortunately in and out of House Arrest Carl and then Lisa Lisa. Julio we met like on craigslist or something like that and player from Germany's import exchange student. Chaz Chaz showed up at my house. Where you're like me and Carl live together in our roommate at the time invited them to come down with us because our sax player moved back to Germany for the summer. You play sax like you heard the two. Am Ringtone or something like that place that I just showed up at my house. And there's this kid playing the Saxon Garage Carl's practice day and we're like what's going on and that's how we met. Chaz and then do the years it's just been like you know like Christian. I recently met through craigslist. We needed a player. Wow the rest of them though. Have been big bands where I have watched these bands play like Henry's ban drive every yacht club band future past like I used to go watch them play when they are because their bands were huge back in the day. And so those two guys. I got the JEREM which just 'cause I met them through the scene you know and like up to them and Josh. He was in the widely ones and he got her melodies which is like a rotating group of where they like consistently cycle singers guitar players and stuff like that interest. I've worked with him on a bunch of stuff and then I mean Lisa we just saw to Scotch show. We're like cute girl drama player like a mix you know just kind of like meeting people through the scene. The scenes like the Phoenix. Things really strong. But there's not there's like only a few. There's a lot of people play music but there's a difference between playing music and gigging and like working as a musician. 'cause there's a lot of people at like they just. WanNa go out there and make original music and you know they're they don't have to play shows it just gets released. Whatever they want but then there's like the players like people like me. Henry like all of us. This is our main source of income. We go out and perform six nights a week. Seven nights a week. I was about to ask you about that. I mean I just lost like so much money last week just from the rain and the other concerns and this week. I have no idea. It's six gigs. Starting tomorrow and it's like I'm just going to call in tomorrow and be like. Hey what's Open? What's not yeah? Yeah so there's a big difference you know in some of us have transferred over to other jobs as a real estate agent. Now does really good for himself. You know it's like we've all grown up. People have kids now all these things but for some of us you know this is what we do. We live breathing. Yeah and we rely on it. So it's it's been interested in to to meet all those people because there's people that play for a living and they don't ever create original music and then there's like the original music crew and like there's two separate scenes in Arizona there's diggers and the you know. The people have play for fun. That don't necessarily make that much money or anything I see. And then there's like us in the middle where like we're part of both of these crews. We do get hired for weddings and for cover gigs and entertainment hotels and also but then we can also we do create original music and we do play shows and that kind of stuff and it's it's sometimes there's a few cross pollinate but like most of the time it's like two separate things. Yeah interesting and I know that you mentioned you guys have played in in various places in the South West. Did you guys actually go on tour on the road and travel together and play at different? Gigs Yeah so. We've been a lot of places. Let me think so. I mean we used to go up to California all time back in the day. We've been a south by like four or five times now day. Yeah those were always like ourselves. Much ships were crazy. We get detained. We'd really bass player would bail on us the day before and we'd hire like a person that's never played. Bass Oh my God craigslist. Not even craigslist is like the friend that organized the festival. Who's a superfan who doesn't even eat doesn't even play his. Name's Adam like. We're supposed to headline their you know. Phoenix showcase and we're just like turn his base all the way down just rock. I do like just try and play the baseline the whole time guitar rock out. Because that's all we got but like three or four times a few like random stuff out there. Some shows out there. Sometimes we'd show up in the bars like closed down. It's like they didn't even tell us like. Oh my gosh crazy. We'd been all over Mexico not Oliver Mexico but we do rock point like four or five times a year. Yeah I go in two weeks but I think that's probably cancelled man. I saw one of you guys. Music Videos was filmed in rocky point. Yeah Yeah we do a rocky point a lot of New Mexico Colorado mature if we went to Utah we do like all the small towns in Arizona to like fucking Jerome. And Oh my God I grew up in so I worked around hornbill right now. Oh Nice which is pretty much cotton without same staff for for us. Cotton Woody. We would make fun of Corn Ville. We were Super Hicks. Then we'd make fun of Corn Ville for being Hicks so There's a little little. Oh yeah like you like popping now too trendy with their Old Town. Cotton well yeah. They've got the wineries they've got old towns and all that stuff now. Yeah yeah he was just. My friend was telling me I was like God. What's out of control a? Is like it's already like crazy out there now. Yeah Yeah. It's insane grocery stores that guns and stuff and I'm like Oh my God I gotTa Call My. My parents still live there so I gotta make sure they bring their guns on what the trip that we have spent a Lotta time in Cottonwood. Definitely we've actually played in Conway. We know main stage. Actually okay. I night there with Sarah Robinson band back before she has like all these new people back on it was like the dudes from wives. It's just like there's a lot of like you know we've done Prescott Jerome Bisbee. Huma believe we did or maybe we haven't done that. I honestly can't even flagstaff a billion times do flex. Oh sweet yeah. Yeah we did a few good runs and you know it's just like honestly what ends up coming down to is like touring expensive especially when you don't have a van like we roll out with my crv it's like you know like we've consistently toured in the Sierra Jazz had one and then I got I got another one and now got a new. Crv never bought a van. And I never bought trailers like organized based off alike. Yo Do you have a back line like a drum and guitar? Am that we can use or we roll out with like black bottom ladders. Who have a tour bus and we can back line with them and do like tour to Colorado or something so yeah until we do that and it's just like dude it's hard man. It's like you know out here. They pay US pretty well. You know like these hotels and these places but it's like trying to get a venue show out here like you know it's like you could work for three months and do relatively well and bring like three hundred people in only make like maybe like a thousand dollars if you're lucky after. They take a giant portion of ticket sales the opening of the rental or opening you know venue rental pretty for the security guards. Charge you for everything. They'll turn for the beer. You drink in the backstage. Oh no way all the money from the bar they make a bunch of money. You know percentage of that so it's like there goes three months to work when I could have literally showed up with a trio at one of these fancy hotels and gone pay. The same amount didn't promote didn't do anything and then do like four or five of oak a week. That's ridiculous and then imagine that on tour when no one knows who you are. So it's like you know unless you're linking up with somebody or less you have a decent stuff or you have a place to stay which is also the most important thing is because we would go out. We'd go out to these places and not know where we're staying then. I just literally like Chara. We hope we meet somebody because we can't afford hotel the night on like sleeping on you know Florida sleeping the crv can't believe Sierra. It's already packed the brim. Like we're like literally sitting on artery tars and stuff. Oh my God and there was one time we went out to house of Blues. Plan Out Haussa Blues and California now no. I think we're picking up. Carl thirty lived in California and it was all equipment for four piece plus their lead singer of the band that we were supposed to play with an R V. Carl's like sitting on my lap withholding guitar one in my face and then to the front. Oh my job our equipment in a survey and it's just like how like I. We can't do this anymore. We're like thirty nine. People got kids so they gotta come home with the money and it's a different story now. I wish that you know the touring game was feasible. And you know well if we have something to promote we'll go out and promote it right and they can albums like for this album. I'll definitely set up run if we're still allowed to travel but yeah. I mean we`ll. We'll do something like that but at the same time it's like it's not very feasible unless you've set up like a real nice connection like flagstaff and rocky point is always a reason for us to go there because they give us a play. Stay enough money to where we can afford a place to stay take money and you know. Just. We've developed relationships with these people that are really well knows California. It's like yeah. We got like sixty monthly listeners. Out there you know and like la or San Diego but it's like you know who knows if those people are going to come out and ride taking a risk and then after hotel like what two to three hundred bucks. Yeah plus gas blows Everything else starts adding up real quick. Have you thought about cutting out some members of the band? So you don't have to split it eight ways. Oh Yeah on tour. We don't we don't bring the big boys will bring all the band members. It's pretty much. Joe Who can make it a three piece..

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