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News, working together to help you deal with the weather. This is WTO news, 7 52, Williamsburg, Virginia, is well known for its colonial and Revolutionary War history. Now archeologists say that they've made a new discovery regarding a battle fought during the Civil War. On May 5th, 1862, union forces caught up with the retreating confederate army in a battle that was fought just outside Williamsburg, Virginia, battle killed many union and confederate soldiers, archeologist Jack Garry says a field hospital was set up in a church that was right next to the area where they were excavating the city's powder magazine. There is a description in references to mass graves being dug somewhat regularly as the soldiers died and being buried just outside of the church. They found the mass grave last year during excavations and will now work over the next several months to remove and study the remains. Which can then guide us into where we will reenter these individuals. Luke Luger, WTO penis. The appetite for locally grown fresh food is big. What about the supply of people who grow that food though? Christina bostick with Montgomery countryside alliance says when the supply chain for fresh food was interrupted due to COVID, people went straight to the source, asking, excuse me, can we buy a chicken from you? Just coming unannounced down these rural driveways. But growing farmers in Montgomery county is a challenge. So the countryside alliance and the office of agriculture have created a guide for new farmers targeting a growing segment. Those who happen to be black indigenous and people of color. Says the guide includes links to things like the training that helped her get a start. The great thing is we have a great market in the D.C. area and all types of folks looking for all types of different local foods. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. There's a new show with the Kennedy Center that highlights serious issues around race and policing. It's a modern opera called blue being put on by the Washington national opera. We see a family in a community embrace new life into the world and then also the effects of what happens when that light is snuffed out too soon. That's so soprano, Brianna hunter plays the mother of a black teenager killed by the very police force that his father works for. It confronts that comment argument, but there are good cops too, and I hope that this show really provides a space for us to meet on a human level and actually have deeper conversations and hopefully more productive conversations around the issues of police violence and brutality in this country. Jason Frey, WTO news. Are you the parent of an outstanding student athlete? Nominate your favorite high school athlete for their chance to be WTO's next player of the week. Each week beginning the week of March 13th

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