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I mean you get you name it we got it but we gotta talk today to astle boyfriends we've got it we got it all up up top are take the top has to do with the ucla basketball players playing in china one of them lavarra balls son we angelo hall lee and all hall low there there is a de angelo hall wasn't there yes and there was d angela wright angelo ball uh cody riley in jail and hill three players who played for who raya much playing time and we're exactly late ours is like seven eight nine and eight nine intent on the bench okay oh they they go to china for the fact that your name is ball suddenly makes you of targeting exactly so they go to china to play an exhibition game knows i it's a game how its first pounds but against georgia tech which they won ucla one they're not expected to be the team they were last year but they won won the game at these guys get busted for shoplifting in now we find out three different stores not just don't wanna know store but like a few other sources a targeted attack i wish these guys care that much about zone defense do they counted steals i mean i i would count them it is the each of them is and they got on the stat i give rex chapman for the three apple computers he stole diego threestorey more steel career steals these guys get those are the only steals are getting on the stat sheet this year they get busted the car have we learned nothing from ryan lahti you go in another country don't mess with stuff follow the rules dummies filed at one time we were in when we were in israel jana were studied i know it's got to be schalken you we are studying in israel twos there was a supermarket next like down the road from us when we're we're poor we didn't have money it was a super saw s o l l e and we and we with heavy hearts as we bought other food started along the way every shopping trip would eat a little bit of bulk for yet because they're the big bins of both through blue also twenty and.

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