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Thing or two about how to save a Buck or two call one eight hundred farmers to get a quote today traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense from temp starring classic area next update seven four fifty I'm John Hill newsradio six ten WTVN during the six first warning weather chief meteorologist Marshall make peak joining us now Marshall it looks like what by the weekend by Saturday are we gonna get some possible look kind of like a a snapshot or a replay of last Saturday maybe I think the only real difference that's gonna go on this weekend is that you're going to find some of this term because what we have is some cold air right above us so during the day we actually get into the low forties so you would think it would be rain but I think what happens is with that cold air above us you're still going to have what amounts to little ice palace and they're not gonna have time to freeze before they get all the way to the ground so you'll end up with a combination of rain and sleet during the day as well as a few snow showers in the morning so Saturday looks kinda messy at this point but we're gonna have to keep an eye on it in the meantime tonight we're dry twenty eight for the overnight low Thursday a high of forty degrees will feel a little milder with some sunshine Marshall one ask you also real quick too and I I know it's Wednesday but I was seeing are we really going to be in the low fifties by Monday I think by Monday we're looking to hire on fifty two but it doesn't last long so enjoy it while it does interesting okay thanks Marshall thirty three right now thank you for listening to the mark blazer shell day man in the studio Elise Jim Carey is joined us now as well and campy's producing us today so this is an interesting story that you did.

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