David Phys, Steve Mills, President Trump discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


See part of the problem with the new york knicks picking david phys deal and i'm not casting any aspersions on david physio david physio deal can coach i got faith in him i'm happy for him even though my first choice would have been more jackson my second choice would have been david physio steve mills scott perry know what they're doing my problem is the president james dolan james dolan mike console mytalk or whatever the case may be but james dolan lives in his own we're world like most billionaires and he's not interested no matter what he says or how many conversations he has not really interested in doing anything other than what he wants to do point isn't in about what you wanted to bet what's best the successful organisations thick like that the ones who aren't don't think like that which raised me the urban magic johnson and the los angeles lakers because ladies and gentlemen things are getting very very interested in los angeles allow me to inform you as you all know los angeles lakers are expected to have enough cat room to get to max players there has been rapid speculation i should say rampant let me take that back there has been speculation that's percolating and growing the not only the lake is going to get two stars they could end up getting third i am not they can end up getting third i am not exaggerating the belief is you go out there and you get a lebron james a paul george and then you trade for linnet preferably brandon ingram and julius randle.

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