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Who are ranked like aaron jones or a nick chubb players might have slightly more work weekend and week out. Let's get to the wide receivers matthew and we're talking about two of the very best. In fantasy in real life period decay. Metcalf who last year was wide receiver. Ten he had eighty three catches for thirteen hundred and three yards and ten touchdowns but again jekyll and hyde season his first. Eight games eight touchdowns. His last eight games two touchdowns. I'm not concerned. Matthew i people have theorized as to what happened last year in the second half of last season changing of philosophy opponents weren't necessarily vat dramatically different. I mean you're. I thought it was like they were playing teams. That were pretty good in the first half playing to pretty good in the second half to but like early russell. Wilson played porn second half of last year. Think that's fair. And i also think that in the second half of the season last year there were a number just because i remember i. Id k metcalf in the war room league and one of the reasons why we. I think we fourteen last year but like he had a couple of tough games against jalen ramsey. A tough couple. Tough games against patrick peterson like he just. He suddenly got locked up a few times by true shutdown corners like he had some to some really tough match ups over the second half of the year. But none of that concerns. You know what i'm turning. Why grabble answer. why why. Why eight touchdowns and then two touchdowns and that's what happened. This is that the production fell off a little bit. But you know in like there. Was that one game where like he. He caught a touchdown pass and ran the whole distance. I wanna say it was a monday night or it was a national game. Remember they get called back due to penalty like he'd done. Nothing i want to say was i want to see. What was it jalen ramsey. It was either. The cardinals game are is member of the game where he caught buddha baker unbelievable which is also amazing but there was one where he had a long touchdown called back due to penalty which was sort of like this ticky tack holding penalty on the other side of the field. I remember that being drove me crazy. Anyway i lotta daycare. I had a lot of decay metcalf last year. So just would love areas zoned in wide receiver. One player that has as much touchdown upside is basically any wide receiver other than devante atoms. Because of his skill set down the field and also the fact that in the red zone he is a terror would like to see a little bit more consistent volume. You did have eight games last year with four or fewer catches but i think that will increase year over year. He still by the way is only in his third. Nfl season right. Which is is the guy top three and ends targets. You know top eight in red zone target to your point like just like just an absolute beast in sometimes by the way when he gets a little reception. Don't need it because it's like it's like when you when you score on eighty yard touchdown play like for one twenty-one fine exactly yeah exactly. Let's tyler lockett though because tyler lockett is going to be drafted high matthew wide receiver twenty four on both your in my board. But he's going to be maddening he just will be. It's a fact every year. You look at last year's raw total thinking yourself. Wow one hundred receptions for one thousand fifty four yards and ten touchdowns now. I hate when we do this. Because i'm guilty of but i'm gonna do it right now when you take away a player's best game. How would the season look if you take away. That one game last year or tyler. Lock fifteen catches for two hundred and fifteen yards in two touchdowns over fifteen remaining games. He had eighty five catches for eight hundred. Thirty nine yards and eight touchdowns that obviously. He's a really incredible player. But we also know that from weeks. Twelve to sixteen last year weeks twelve through sixteen very important portions of the fantasy season in five games. Twenty one catches never more than sixty three receiving yards and zero touchdowns during that stretch over the course that he's going to be amazing but we had multiple years here from being a little bit up and down which is why i do not have them inside. My top twenty wide receivers. Even though if i had the opportunity to bet. I would bet that he will finish the one of the top twenty scoring fancy out this year. Yeah exactly. I mean he. This is i think this is something that brought up my dre manifesto available now on. Espn dot com for free..

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