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I certainly feel vasser when he went off air i was trying to find something us trying to win a one point five and started listen to this guy named dave ramsey had never heard of dave ramsey but i hear this spanned talking about saving up and paying for car and i thought this white man's crazy save up and pay for car but after i listen to it a couple of days i thought oh man these crazy like a fox in and then i heard this by oliver wendell holmes jr says the man's mind wants twitch by new concept will never again regain its original dimensions and it got me and then we had to get somebody else onboard a while longer so she's rotten around and occur in the police cruiser listening to crazy white man than she comes from struck down yet through this stuff or cheer to map well you know what before even before that i had bought a laptop that she would use and then when you start live streaming she star live streaming you now and that helped me get on board because she started leaving it on just lebron lineup walk through the kitchen why what leibniz laptop on like this of course they're just gave us the paradigm shift you know that we needed to start saving back in doing things differently very cool so the game all nn or don't get on a budget we're going to start paying this stuff off start living on beans and rice and beans now and so what was the first day you paid off.

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