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Video that whacko nut job Alabama. Democrat lawmaker who now says Don Trump junior should've been aborted because he's retarded. Or crazy. So there's a story in the Washington Examiner really quick Trump campaign moving early to keep era Zona from switching to blue in two thousand twenty oh. They saw what happened on accelerate getting roasted by cinema. So they're hiring some guy named Brian site. Chick a veterinary Zona operative to run the political operations in the state owners. Kelli ward, what's going to happen there. He could he could he could start like this week eighteen months before election day working with the RNC. It's going to apparently, they're building an extensive field program supported by paid staff and volunteers. Kelli ward said we need a lot of resources a lot of energy a lot of ground game. So looks like I mean, this is great. The McCain tentacles look like they're finally gone, right? Gone. If Kelli ward and charge the Republican party here in Arizona, and they have Trump who's actually installing his own people to make sure things run the right way. How about just being smart because man, we just want to stop this stuff? Right. They keep saying McCain. Moms might do something McCain. Moms the ones that love McCain and eight Trump a Republican. I if I buy that look at the economy look at everything else enough is enough. All right right now in KFC. It's entity.

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